This is possibly the coolest thing you’ll see all month: a moon landing jam session that Pink Floyd recorded at a BBC TV studio during the descent of Apollo 11, the first time human beings ever set foot on another world.

David Gilmour in the Guardian:

It was a live broadcast, and there was a panel of scientists on one side of the studio, with us on the other. I was 23. The programming was a little looser in those days, and if a producer of a late-night programme felt like it, they would do something a bit off the wall. Funnily enough I’ve never really heard it since, but it is on YouTube. They were broadcasting the moon landing and they thought that to provide a bit of a break they would show us jamming. It was only about five minutes long. The song was called Moonhead — it’s a nice, atmospheric, spacey 12-bar blues.

Via the always-awesome Boing Boing

You know what this means?

Pink Floyd was a part of the moonlanding, kinda.