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10-Step Guide to Looking Forward to the Winter in Amman

It’s almost September. For those of us who appreciate the summer, September only means one thing: it will soon be winter.

I know we have a couple of months ahead before winter hits properly, but it isn’t really the cold that’s the main problem. It’s the shorter daylight hours. It’s the lower levels of energy. It’s the feeling of a new season.

So… just to keep you (and myself) upbeat, here are ten things you can remind yourself of that are nice about the next six months.

1. Less traffic.

2. Less non-locals, which spells less traffic, less people, and fewer family obligations.

3. Kankaneh.

4. Sahlab, chestnuts, and sweet potatoes.

5. The smell the first time it rains.

6. Less people out of their homes. I really like that.

7. Emptier places.

8. Winter fruits: oranges, pomelo, pomegranates.

9. Ras il abed.

10. Looking forward to the summer; actually missing crowded streets.

Yesterday, we were driving by the Goodbook Shop on the side of Rainbow and two little kids (maybe ten years old) were standing on the street wearing “the scream” masks as cars passed by. It was very funny.


The tragedy of human priorities


للتوضيح لأي عقل حكومي رجعي

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  1. SumofMind

    I actually just look forward to the Sa7lab. :D And less people at Souq Al Abdali!

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