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The tragedy of human priorities

The cost of the Olympics vs. the cost of landing Curiosity on Mars.

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  1. Khalidjarrar

    I think that both are a crime, considering that the sum of both could possibly END world hunger and make infrastructure projects to provide water for people and plants dying of thirst. Let alone it could actually provide independence for occupied nations. Occupied for real or occupied by hindering their will. Imagine if Jordan had 15 billions at its disposal, would be follow US policy the way we do? would we kiss gulf kings hands the way we do? would we be so weak towards Israel the way we are?

    Who gives a flying damn about stupid Mars and stupid horny athletes when we have people starving to DEATH? countries that can not provide electricity or potable water? 

  2. Great point Khalid, though I think it’s shortsighted of you to brush off space exploration as the very point of it would be to.change the game of economics, resources, and population density to change the realities of.billions. you appear to have a limited understanding of the economics of the colonization of space and putting humanity’s eggs in more

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