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Jordanian Paralympians pull out of London Games after sexual assault charges in Northern Ireland

This is my country. This is my people.

The Fight Against the Systematic Sexism in Jordan:
خدلك عاد: الطالبات يتفوقن في التوجيهي هروباً من أعمال المنزل
Tawjihi in Jordan: Unfair, backwards, and “stupidifying”
Despair: Fourteen Year Old Girl Raped and Then Married to Her Rapist
Slogans of “There is No Difference Between You and I” زيّي زيّك
Why are males such assholes?
Outrageous: Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank Firing Unveiled Women
[The Black Iris Reblog] What’s really killing Jordanian women?
I hate men
Two Articles to Read: Feminism in an Arab Context
Women’s March in Tahrir: Free Women, Free the World
Two Simplistic Solutions to Fixing Some Problems in Jordan
Rest in Peace, Myriam Achkar: A Call Against Sexual Harassment in the Arab World
Yes, She’s Naked: On Alia Mahdy and Outrageousness
As a Woman, I’m a Second Class Citizen in Jordan
Her Name was Madinah
Pain: To Know Reema
Dis-Honor Murder By Bicycle Tire
Disgrace: I’m Jordanian, Why Can’t My Children be Jordanian?


Spanish fresco “restored”


The tragedy of human priorities

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