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Dozan O Awtar’s “Dum Dum Tak”: Brilliant and Uplifting Performance That Makes You Feel Like Not All Hope is Lost

I went to the Dozan o Awtar performance at the Rainbow Theatre this weekend with absolutely no expectations. As I was not familiar with their style of performing, I assumed that I would enjoy my time but didn’t expect to be wooed away.

But then they started singing. And my heart felt something strange: sheer joy.


Founded by Shireen Abu-Khader in 2002, Dozan wa Awtar experiments with Arabic choral music and performing arts projects like the “Dum Dum Tak” show I attended. This particular performance was a sweet and simple celebration of our culture, and we were laughing all throughout.

It’s crazy, but I still feel good and light from the show three days on.

Here are some videos:

Um Khalthoum’s “Inta 3omri” redone by Dozan wa Awtar:

A brilliant performance of “يا عاشقة الورد “:

:”طالعة من بيت ابوها”

“They Say When You Marry in June”:

Selection of Arabic Music:

When a Jordanian visits Italy:

Kudos to the team for such a brilliant performance. I encourage everyone to try to catch their next event as really, it is something to see.

You can stay updated with their events on their Facebook page.

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Brilliant and Uplifting Performance That Makes You Feel Like Not All Hope is Lost


بث بياخة – الحرب العالمية الثانية


تحت الأرض


  1. Um Tulip

    Thank you for your post!   I sing with Dozan wa Awtar, and can personally attest to what a fantastic group they are.  Shireen is a true inspiration, and being part of this choir has helped make Amman “home” for me.  This performance was a new challenge for us, involving more acting and choreography than before.  Many of us read your post and it was so uplifting as we prepared for our 4th performance last week.   Thank you and we hope to see you at future performances!   

  2. Thanks Um Tulip :) You guys rocked. I can’t wait to see you again.

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