Dozan O Awtar’s “Dum Dum Tak”: Brilliant and Uplifting Performance That Makes You Feel Like Not All Hope is Lost

I went to the Dozan o Awtar performance at the Rainbow Theatre this weekend with absolutely no expectations. As I was not familiar with their style of performing, I assumed that I would enjoy my time but didn’t expect to be wooed away.

But then they started singing. And my heart felt something strange: sheer joy.


Founded by Shireen Abu-Khader in 2002, Dozan wa Awtar experiments with Arabic choral music and performing arts projects like the “Dum Dum Tak” show I attended. This particular performance was a sweet and simple celebration of our culture, and we were laughing all throughout.

It’s crazy, but I still feel good and light from the show three days on.

Here are some videos:

Um Khalthoum’s “Inta 3omri” redone by Dozan wa Awtar:

A brilliant performance of “يا عاشقة الورد “:

:”طالعة من بيت ابوها”

“They Say When You Marry in June”:

Selection of Arabic Music:

When a Jordanian visits Italy:

Kudos to the team for such a brilliant performance. I encourage everyone to try to catch their next event as really, it is something to see.

You can stay updated with their events on their Facebook page.

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Brilliant and Uplifting Performance That Makes You Feel Like Not All Hope is Lost