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Month: June 2012

Autostrad and Akher Zapheer tonight

Enjoy the music and help a Syrian family. 100% of proceeds are used to help our displaced Syrian brothers and sisters in Jordan.


Tha’er Shehadeh: Where Beautiful Arabic Typography and Politics Come to Play

The joy of seeing interesting work coming from the Arab world. Some samples of beautiful typography by Jordanian designer Tha’er Shehadeh. Lovely.

Good Design is Joy: Designer Mohamed Mousa
Digital Art from Saudi Arabia: Saudi Digital artist Yousef AlShaikh
Tha’er Shehadeh

El Morabba3: 3asheek

Interesting sound from El Morabba3, very different than most other acts in town, and that’s cool. The song is called “3asheek”.

If you’re interested, El Morabba3‘s debut album launch will be at Al-Balad Theater on Thursday, July 5th. Tickets available at Turtle Green, Books, and Jo Bedu.

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Jordanian Band Torabyeh: Ghorbah
Alaa Wardi: Gash3arteeni Lama 7akeiti…
JadaL – Bye Bye 3azizi جدل – باي باي عزيزي
Alaa Wardi’s Latest: Wenti Mastaneti
Akher Zapheer: The end of it is a melancholy tune – اخرتو لحن حزين
Risalet Salam – JEEL (Music Video) رسالة سلام – جيل
Bath Bayakha: Ahlan Ramadan
Good Jordanian Musician: Alaa Wardi
Tareq Abu Kwaik and Alfar3i
Toot Ard
El-Fer3i: Asafir Al Houla

It’s a new week and stuff

And what better way to start the day?

People That Make My Day: Myriam Klink Singing to Her Cat 3antar

Of course, my friends have lots of theories on what the song is really directed towards.

In case you’re curious, here’s Antar:


My cheeks hurt from all the smiling I did watching this.

By Ahmad Samara.

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