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The Rise of the Arab Artistic Conscience: El Far3i’s “Asafir Al Houlah”

I don’t know how I missed this song when it came out on Sunday right after the Houlah Massacre.

Yet, it says one thing: we’re witnessing the rise of the Arab artistic conscience. The piece is haunting in its honesty; the names of the dead kids, the laughter in the back, the melancholic sound (Little Anne, according to El-Far3i) against a mysterious melody.

I do wish that the video steered away from the “old school” style of showing pictures of dead babies that our mainstream media has managed to desensitize us against.

“Today I can smell the blood coming from the North.”

“This is just a letter of condolence to a mother who lost all her daughters today.”

“Like I said, the tune isn’t mine but I just wanted to participate and send my condolences, and I promise that I will write a tune for Syria.”

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  1. Faris Madi

    meh! overused music. overused type of lyrics.
    The thumb foto was taken in iraq not syria.
    Not everyone who takes the advantage of having a massacre nearby and sing a song about it should be cheered to. 
    Good work, nonetheless.

  2. Music is a form of expression, and I think he expressed his emotions and the feelings of many of us sitting a couple of hours away beautifully.

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