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Despair: Fourteen Year Old Girl Raped and Then Married to Her Rapist

The past few weeks have been tough for citizens in Jordan.

We are being censored. The MINISTER of Youth and Sports loudly declares that whether or not you are a good citizen is tied to how religious you are. Our wonderful members of Parliament and Senators vote to grant themselves obscenely large retirement packages FOR LIFE when the majority of the country makes less than 400JDs a month.

And just in today: a girl of the age of FOURTEEN will be married to her RAPIST so that he gets away from the death penalty .

Can you imagine?

Law 308 of our Penal Code says that a rapist can escape justice by marrying the minor he raped.

A man kidnapped a FOURTEEN year old girl on her way to the market. A man kidnapped a girl, set up a tent somewhere, and raped the girl several times. A man raped the girl several times. The girl was tied up in the tent for THREE days, during which the man repeatedly raped her.


Can you imagine the horror? Can you imagine the horror?

Law 308. It’s just a girl and her honor. Her honor can be reclaimed by having her rapist marry her, according to this law. Law 308 of the Jordanian Penal Code says that A RAPED GIRLS HONOR CAN BE RECLAIMED IF HER RAPIST MARRIES HER.

It isn’t about honor, you bastards. Who gives a crap about honor? A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL WAS RAPED REPEATEDLY FOR THREE DAYS AND YOU’RE LETTING THE RAPIST WHO RAPED HER GET AWAY WITH IT BY MARRYING HER. If she was a boy, he would have been hung.

Marrying her! The poor girl will have to spend the rest of her life caged in with her rapist. Can you imagine?

We have no ethics. We have no morals. We have no shame. We have nothing.

We are nothing.

A system that legally allows a man to go rape any little girl on the street and then get away with his crime by marrying her isn’t a system.

It is a crime.


Can you really trust them? #NoCensorJo


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  1. Very passionate, you translate my anger very well. 

  2. This is just horrible.

  3. imad

    Unbelievable. Want to hear more on how absurd Law 308 of the penal code is? Here is paragraph 2:

    تستعيد النيابة العامة حقها في ملاحقة الدعوى العمومية وفي تنفيذ العقوبة قبل انقضاء ثلاث سنوات على
    الجنحة وانقضاء خمس سنوات على الجناية اذا انتهى الزواج بطلاق المرأة دون سبب مشروع.It basically means the prosecutors can go after the guy if he later divorces the woman without good reason. That means if he claims a commonly acceptable reason for divorce, he can leave her behind and go on with his new life!?What about her right to divorce? How does that fit into this twisted logic? Oh right, women at the time this law was written did not have the same access to divorce that men do. Funny thing though this law was amended in 2011, but all the psychotic parts of it were left as is, thanks to our thoughtful lawmakers. The whole thing is so absurd it almost makes one forget….. that a little girl was repeatedly raped, and is now forced to live with her rapist. Who is a free man.

  4. Nadeen Ayyashi

    Oh the shame of it all!!!! It is outrageous !

  5. Raghda

    Correction: sodomy is not punishable by hanging.

  6. ” … ونصح د. الخزاعي، أستاذ علم الاجتماع في الجامعة الاردنية، الأزواج الذين يتزوجون بهذه الطريقة عدم الحديث عن هذا الموضوع بعد الزواج وعدم تذكره والإسراع في الانجاب للانشغال بالحياة ونسيان الماضي.” (المصدر: موقع خبرني)

    .I can’t believe that this is the viewpoint of an expert

  7. The fact that he teaches at JU doesn’t mean anything at all.. quite the contrary perhaps.

    2012/5/6 Disqus

  8. Deancynthiav

    The rapist balls should be removed. Therefore he will never have the desire to rape any more.

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