Anyone who lives with the pleasure of being blind without glasses is familiar with how annoying it is to mis-locate them.

I mean, how the hell are you supposed to find your glasses WHEN YOU’RE NOT WEARING THEM?

Fortunately, I own more than one pair, making it easy for me to locate them like a normal person would. So, when I misplace my glasses, I just wear a different pair and hope to run into them some day.

Enter geolocation.

Unfortunately, I am not cool enough to have tagged my glasses with geomarkers. But my family is awesome with technology to turn the process from geotagging into geo crowd-sourcing.

Case in point: this image that my mother just sent to my phone via WhatsApp, with the message “Your glasses are on my sink.”

Along with my earrings too, if the image is something to tell by.

Oh, technology.