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Month: October 2011

Khobzeh o jobneh o shay

The other day, my heart almost stopped when I saw my brother Omar having “Khobzeh o jobneh o shay” for breakfast.

I haven’t had that since I was a young child, and it suddenly brought up memories of our first home in Riyadh.

I’m not sure if this dish is a norm or an invention from my mother’s side, but it’s composed of three items, as the name suggests: sliced pita bread and diced Nabulsi cheese, soaked in sweet tea.

So pleasant.

Cheese, bread, and tea

Cheese, bread, and tea

Thoughts for Today

JadaL – Bye Bye 3azizi جدل – باي باي عزيزي

After what seems like a decade, Jadal finally have a new song out, called “Bye Bye Azizi”. It’s actually hilarious.

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