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Alaa Wardi’s Latest: Wenti Mastaneti

Can you believe the amount of Arabic pop culture posts that I’m posting these days? It can only mean one thing: the creative Arab class is finally rising.

Here’s another great number by Alaa Wardi.

Such talent! Brilliant job, indeed.

Ana kont fe makani sneen
Wenti mastaneti tagollek 3an 2e7sasi leek
Ana kont 3am ba3’ani feeki
Wenti masme3teeni 3’anetlek men jowa galbi
Weli weli sho gara7teni
Wenti Ma5aleteni 2arateb 7ayati 7awaleeki
Weli weli sho el 7ag 3alai
L2ani mastaneet 7abetk men doon tafkeer

Ya ba efhamni
Wenti mastaneti
Ana 6ab3i 3’eer
Wenti mastaneti
Lazem tensani
Wenti mastaneti
Wenti mastaneti

An sort 3am faker lab3eed
Wenti mahtameti 3abalek 2shya2 2ekteer
7atetk ana been 3nay
Wenti kasheti shakli 5ashet shmal feki
Ttzakeri sho 7aketi le
Ennek bt7ebini bet7ebeni
Aslan ana walla mo za3lan
Ana mabedi ana mabedi

Ya ba efhamni
Ana mabedi
enta 3’eer 3anni
alsan mabedi
3endi 7ayati
Lek walla mabedi
Yaret et7el 3anni

Ya bay…


Zeid and the Wings, Live Tonight at the Citadel


هناك ضوءٌ لا ينطفئ


  1. Ohoud

    Really impressive. He has a style that you can recognize in any song

  2. Guest

    what does he sing about?
    for those of us doesn’t speak arab?

  3. He songs for a woman he still remembers but who apparently has forgotten him.

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