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Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

After a lifetime of using nothing but Nokia, I finally made the switch to Android. This July, I joined the new millennium with the Samsung Galaxy SII.

Here’s a quick rundown on the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy SII.

Design (7/10)

– The design is amazingly sleek and sexy. It’s a very, very good looking phone. The piano black finish is sophisticated, and the thin, large shape is really smart
– The simplicity is beautiful
– The interface is generally well-designed, though no one can beat Apple at that

– The size is kinda weird, since it’s really thin and wide. It took me a while to get used to holding it comfortably, but it still feels awkward to type using it.
– There are some annoying design gimmicks in the software. When will people learn from Apple? Simple is key. For example, look at the MP3 player:

The flowery shit keeps getting on my nerves.

Hardware and Battery (7/10)

– You won’t believe how light this phone is. Amazing
– It still feels quite sturdy
– The screen is heartbreakingly wonderful; the resolution, the crispness of detail, the sharpness of color. It’s just perfect.
– I have a feeling that the central button will start acting up soon
– Battery life is a disaster. It barely lasts a day (with 3G on all the time)
– The sound isn’t that crisp, both in terms of hands free and ear piece.

Camera (10/10)

I have never been impressed with a phone camera before. The 8MP camera is fantastic with motion, night shots, and quick shooting.
Obviously, you won’t be winning any photography awards, but it can definitely replace your point and shoot.

Android (9/10)


– You can customize it to your heart’s content
– It is generally easy-to-use
– It’s very powerful, you can basically do whatever you want with it
– Can get buggy
– Definitely not as smooth a user experience as iOS

Connectivity and Reception (5/10)
– It’s definitely a very “Online” phone
– Reception often drops
– Wi-fi reception is poor and unreliable

Overall, it’s a fantastic phone, and it has definitely improved my relationship with the Internet :)


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  1. Thanks for the review! Are you still using the phone or was it a short period trial?

  2. Ali

    You finally made the switch, i actually couldn’t believe that you used NOKIA the whole time. It’s not a disaster but i just couldn’t understand while everyone is getting Blackberries and Iphones and Androids!.

    Good review :)

  3. Someone

    but isnt this a bit contradicting to say its def an online phone and then you say the wi-fi is poor and unreilable and the reception drops alot!!!!

    I mean, how could it be an online phone, if there is a frequent dropping in internet and phone receptions!!!!

  4. أنا اشتريت من أسبوعين Samsung Galaxy S Plus
    هذا الجهاز هو النسخة المطورة من Galaxy S1

    نقلة نوعية من هاتف نوكيا ب 25 دينار.

    الجهاز رائع – و أندرويد أروع…

    مشكلتان في جهازي:
    1- لا يوجد فلاش مع الكاميرا
    2- البطارية (المشكلة الكبرى) –> مع استخدام التطبيقات و الانترنت، لا تصمد البطارية يوماً واحداً.

    بشكل عام، الجهاز نقلة نوعية لي، الانترنت أصبحت أكثر سلاسة و اندماجاً في حياتي، أنا سعيد :) لكن أتمنى أن أرى اليوم الذي تصمد فيه البطارية عدة أيام فعلاً مع استعمال مكثف … أو يتم اختراع كهرباء لاسلكية لشحن الهاتف دون أسلاك :) :)


  5. Me

    You should at least bother to find the correct model picture of the Galaxy S2 before posting about it.

  6. Lol@ me ur right :p

    1. You dont want anyone to learn anything from apple, every body is having enough of paent war.

    2. Regarding sound: while it doesnt seem logical nor professional there is an app that enhances the sound quality for s ii (not free)
    And has good rating

    3. Battary drain is a must with 3g enabled.and intensive usage thats normal. you might want to turn off auto sync or at least selectable , turn on power saving mode*try to get the power pack*

    4. You Can use go launcher to have a smooth UI its free from market

    5. Call drops is predictable with setting network mobile to WCDMA only as 2G is more reliable when moving between cells

    6. You can use album art grabber to change the flower shit, dont forget that you can share the music with no restriction which is prohibited by S.t Steve :p

  7. Moses

    As for the buggy-ness of the OS try flashing custom ROMs, they are mostly faster and alot smoother than the stock ROM . Check out if you’re interested and head to the android development section, the procedures are somewhat risky .. but if you follow the instructions carefully everything should be fine !

    Also try using different launchers, GO launcher and LauncherPro are both excellent.

  8. Welcome to the real world. I have been a Nexus S user for the past couple of months and I totally enjoyed it but I have had a not-so-perfect experience with it specially the Wifi thingy. it’s very poor. The network is good but not as good as the iPhone.

    I’ve switched to an iPhone 4 one week ago and I am absolutely having a very nice experience and peace of mind. Yes, the signal might be dropped from time to time but it’s very rare to happen. The overall experience with iOS is pretty impressive so far and I am loving it.

    That doesn’t mean that Android is bad. It’s wonderful but unfortunately, it’s missing a couple of features like native Arabic support (Speaking of Google-devices that comes with no modifying over Android OS from the manufacturer). I’ll be watching Nexus Prime, the third Google phone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and make another comparison with the iPhone.

    Enjoy :)

  9. Moses

    @mohammad ;
    Im surprised here . Always thought Google’s own devices (the Nexus phones) are as good as Androod could get .Ive never used a Nexus S but i figured it should be an awesome device .. ” the ulimate Android experience “, you know =p . Im kind of sad to hear that its not as good as ive imagined it to be . Still though, Im anxiously waiting for the Nexus Prime !

    As for the native Arabic language support , ive read somewhere that t should be introduced in the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich .

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