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Good Jordanian Musician: Alaa Wardi

In light of Independence Day, it’s the perfect time to highlight a Jordanian talent. Alaa Wardi is a musician currently living in Saudi Arabia. He studied music at the Department of Fine Arts at Jordan University, and continued his studies at the SAE.

What makes Alaa’s music special is that he has the ability to play an entire song with no instruments. It is pretty cool.

My favorite part is the facial expressions.

Here are some of his songs:

This is my favorite of his songs:

My second favorite song is called “Garfan Bil Soudeyeh”:

Everyone is going over this remake of Nancy Ajram’s “Fi Hagat”. I enjoyed it the least because I can’t stand Nancy Ajram.


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  1. I actually really dont like his facial expressions. Love the farsheh background in his Nancy Ajram cover though

  2. Bassam


    Thank you for making the Jordanian blogs atmosphere more colorful
    and i want to correct you , Wardi is Iranian not Jordanian :)

  3. Roba

    Hi Bassam, thanks for your comment :) i knew Alaa from school, and i had no idea he had anything to do with Iran until i heard Grafan. So… With no disrespect meant to his heritage, he is as Jordanian as I am, at least.

  4. Richard

    I’m curious too about the nationality … it seemed to me like the irani m3affin thing from the song might have been a joke (ie that’s what the canadians called him, not what he is), but now i’ve read a few things on the interwebs: that he’s iranian living in saudi, that he’s half-iranian-half-jordanian … if he was jordanian, why would he need a visa to go there, according to his video explanation?

    doesn’t really matter anyway: good music. :)

  5. BArry

    Actually he’s half iranian half palestinian. But its so typical for jordan to claim things that is not theirs. The poor palestinians have their cultures stolen not just by Israelis but also by Jordanians. Someone comes to jordan for a couple of years and they become jordanian, you guys need to stop doing that, get your own.

  6. Mousa

    Hello Roba!
    I think i have just to say that Alaa is totally Iranian, his father’s and mother’s names are Khosrow & Mitra!
    on he is saying “My name is Alaa Wardi, I’m 24, I’m Iranian, Born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Studied music and sound engineering in Amman, Jordan, and currently living in Riyadh.”

  7. Sura

    “Barry” -if that is your real name- next time you decide to post your BS on the web, make sure you get a grammar check first and a few classes in history too.

  8. Um Ommar

    هاد البني أدم جدن مبدع
    سواءً كان اردني أو إيراني
    بعرف يشتغل صح وبتعب على كلبياته اللي أصلاتن الكل عم بتنقد فيه وبطس فيه ع الطالعه والنازله

  9. ahmad

     he ned visa to canada :)

  10. Chichi

    This is a face of a tipical jew as we all know they can make all haram halal. And wondering how we Muslims fall in his “art” . What he is doing is fakhishah…Fear Allah subhan Allah…!

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