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Dis-Honor Murder By Bicycle Tire

More on dis-honor crimes from Kinzi:

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“This was one of those unreported dis-honor murders, translated by a kind commenter from the La Sharaf site. I asked Rana Husseini recently if there was a huge decrease in dishonor killings, which would be great, or if they just aren’t being reported as such. She shrugged. “We don’t really know”.

One of 3 brothers found out that their sister has a cellphone and that shes talking in it, so he took it, and hit her, so she went out of the house,and after six days they knew she was hiding at her sisters house, so they went and brought her back, one of them asked her, where were you? she didn’t reply, then he started to hit her, using his hands and legs, she fell down on the floor, and the other two brothers joined him, and started beating her, one of them took a bicycle tire (yes a tire), and hit her on the head with it, and this continued for 20 minutes, after that, they locked her in one of the house rooms, and the next morning they discovered that she died…

Then they tried to cover the story, and say that one of the brothers ran over her with his car, and that he would be the only one responsible and imprisoned, but the autopsy said that she was beaten badly, and that she bled to death…

the Judge gave them seven and a half years, of temporary hard labor… (


Dis-Honor Murder for Indecent Clothing


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  1. Absolutely repulsive.

  2. Aseel

    This is awful and disturbing! No matter what the girl -or any other victim- did, it was a result of her brothers doing.. ya3ne, she ran away and acted like that out of fear and anger triggered by the mistreatment she received from her brothers and other family members… this is how i see such crimes…

    the law must not protect such monsters anymore! it HAS to be changed! it’s non-islamic too for those who defend thier acts on the basis of “honor”… they should name them “shameful ignorance” crimes..

    I hope these three and all the murderers who committed such crimes rot in prison and never get out alive…. and most importantly, I hope the LAW changes first! and support a more suitable penalty against them..

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