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On April

At TEDxDeadSea late last month, I met a long-time reader of this blog who told me that she really enjoyed the monthly image post.

On April
Omar’s graduation party.

On April
Rani and Ban at

On April
Amid Awad playing at TEDxDeadSea

On April
Ahed and Gus having a “Who can eat hamleh faster?” competition

On April
Look at all the textures

On April
You don’t shake a brand new iPad 2, you idiot

On April

On April
Where the Abu Ghosh bakery used to stand, RIP Abu Ghosh

Can you really archive time?

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Life is short


What I’d give for this right now


  1. yeeee I didn’t get to tell you I love your monthly image posts too :( loved the comments on this one, men emtan bnm3l comments? hehehehe

  2. Hehe you’re right, usually ma ba3mel. Bas hay il marra ija 3a bali :)

  3. Jordaanse

    love 3omzy’s t-shirt !!

  4. Abu Saleem

    Haram anno sakkar makhbaz Abo Ghosh. I think the garishly glaring Rotizi screen has beamed the bakers into oblivion. Wallahi I hate that thing.

    What is Rainbow Street turning into?!!!
    Next thing you know there’ll be a Starbucks, then a Costa, then Carrefour and Rainbow Mall. Arrrrrghhhhh!!!

    Still thinking of that screen… anyone up for a 3am cutting-cables action to turn the thing off at least for a day? :)

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