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Urban Review: 3asrooneyeh, عصرونيه

One of the most annoying things about working from 9:00 to 6:00 is trying to figure out what the hell to order for lunch. There aren’t many options that are easy on your wallet, healthy enough to eat often, and yummy at the same time.

Fortunately though, there’s a new place that ticks off all three of those things. 3asrooneyeh is a ka’ek place near the Shamali Gate of Jordan University. They have a large menu, and their ka’ek are the whole-wheat Lebanese style, as opposed to the one we use in Jordan.

You can thank me later :)

3srooneyeh restaurant amman

3srooneyeh restaurant amman

3srooneyeh restaurant amman

Here is their menu:
3srooneyeh restaurant amman

They deliver, you can call them at 06-535-42-49

عصرونيه عمان

Gummi Bearskin Rug

Via Boing Boing

What I love most about this place


The serenity of sitting outside in the summer with a cool breeze and the chirping of birds.

Was missing around with Instagrm, here is my day:









DuChamp Was Here

Hahahahahahahaha. That is the most brilliant thing I have ever scene.

(Hattip: Y)

Good Jordanian Musician: Alaa Wardi

In light of Independence Day, it’s the perfect time to highlight a Jordanian talent. Alaa Wardi is a musician currently living in Saudi Arabia. He studied music at the Department of Fine Arts at Jordan University, and continued his studies at the SAE.

What makes Alaa’s music special is that he has the ability to play an entire song with no instruments. It is pretty cool.

My favorite part is the facial expressions.

Here are some of his songs:

This is my favorite of his songs:

My second favorite song is called “Garfan Bil Soudeyeh”:

Everyone is going over this remake of Nancy Ajram’s “Fi Hagat”. I enjoyed it the least because I can’t stand Nancy Ajram.

Dis-Honor Murder By Bicycle Tire

More on dis-honor crimes from Kinzi:

Visit her blog for more

“This was one of those unreported dis-honor murders, translated by a kind commenter from the La Sharaf site. I asked Rana Husseini recently if there was a huge decrease in dishonor killings, which would be great, or if they just aren’t being reported as such. She shrugged. “We don’t really know”.

One of 3 brothers found out that their sister has a cellphone and that shes talking in it, so he took it, and hit her, so she went out of the house,and after six days they knew she was hiding at her sisters house, so they went and brought her back, one of them asked her, where were you? she didn’t reply, then he started to hit her, using his hands and legs, she fell down on the floor, and the other two brothers joined him, and started beating her, one of them took a bicycle tire (yes a tire), and hit her on the head with it, and this continued for 20 minutes, after that, they locked her in one of the house rooms, and the next morning they discovered that she died…

Then they tried to cover the story, and say that one of the brothers ran over her with his car, and that he would be the only one responsible and imprisoned, but the autopsy said that she was beaten badly, and that she bled to death…

the Judge gave them seven and a half years, of temporary hard labor… (

Dis-Honor Murder for Indecent Clothing

I have decided to start re-blogging Kinzi’s dishonor posts. They make me feel so bad, and honestly, we should all feel bad and disgusted.

Here you go:

“She was married at 15. There were troubles, she came home several times.

Were these cries for help?

Why only mention that the husband accused her of ‘seeing other men’?

Sounds awfully convenient to me.

I wonder how a grave could be dug in a small backyard without a hawk-eyed mother noticing.

20-year-old charged with premeditated murder of his younger sister

By Rana Husseini

AMMAN – Criminal Court Prosecutor Anwar Abu Eid on Sunday charged a 20-year-old man with premeditated murder of his younger sister in Zarqa on Friday, official sources said.

The suspect, who was not identified by officials, reportedly confessed to strangling his 17-year-old sister at their family’s home for reasons related to family honour, a senior judicial source said.

The suspect also confessed to burying his sister’s body in the backyard of their house to conceal the murder, the source told The Jordan Times.

Initial investigation into the case indicated that the victim, who was married at the age of 15, was suffering from marital problems and leaving her husband’s home frequently, according to the source.

Suffering from marital problems. Hello. Was there domestic violence? Did anyone ask why she was leaving?

“The couple separated almost a year ago and the victim returned to her family’s home,” the source said.

They filed lawsuits against each other related to their failed marriage and allegations by the husband that the victim was seeing other men, the source added.

Right. In Zarqa, where the dating scene is so awesome and safe.

Two weeks before the murder, the victim reportedly left her family’s home and was later arrested by police, who handed her over to her family after the latter pledged not to harm their daughter according to the source.

When one cannot be taken at their word.

On Friday, the defendant claimed that he saw his sister attempting to leave the house “wearing indecent clothes and without their knowledge” and an argument ensued, the source said.

(Indecent clothing means death. Wonder what his definition of indecent is?)

“The defendant told Abu Eid that he dragged his sister to her room and strangled her with his hands until he made sure she was dead,” the source said.”


Hattip: Rosie

Art ÷ Geeks x Fun = GeekFest Amman

It happens in Beirut. In Dubai. In Cairo. In Abu Dhabi. In Damascus. In Alexandria. It’s planned for Doha. For Ramallah.

And now it’s going to be in Amman. Knafeh and all.

Of course, the event will be fun, fun, fun, fun (insert Rebecca Black). Not going to give anyway anything yet… but think funky games, artsy fartsy technology, free food, and lots of chatter, mIRC style.

If you want to take part in the organizing, or have some really cool, geeky, funky art project idea that you want to experiment with, send us a message. Tweet us at @GeekFestJO with #GeekItOut.


Looking at Music

I am completely comfortable admitting that I am tone deaf.

And it isn’t because of lack of trying.

My mother had me take my first piano lessons when I was 8 years old, which lasted for a few years. I then tried just as unsuccessfully with the guitar as a teen. My frustration reached its speak when taking a music appreciation course at university.


Today though, I found this really cool visual representation of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, Spring in particular. And suddenly, I get it. They showed have used visuals to teach us tone deaf kids.

Try it out yourself.

Here’s the song:

And here’s the image:

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