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What’s your coffee ritual?

I usually hate rituals. They take the fun out of life. But I like my coffee rituals:

On Workdays-
9:30 AM: 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1 and half teaspoons of Nescafe, and 3 teaspoons of CoffeeMate.
3:00 PM: 1 teaspoon of Nescafe.

On Weekends-
3:00 PM: Turkish coffee with little sugar.

I used to drink much more coffee but I’ve been good.

What’s your coffee ritual?


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  1. Rami

    Actually it turns into a ritual with time without you noticing :)
    Mine is Grande cup of Black Nescafe Gold at 10:00 AM and in the afternoon between 3 -4 a Turkish Coffee 3ala el re7a :) Weekends after breakfast a cup of instant 3 in 1 Nescafe :)
    Thanks for the great posts keep em up!

  2. Workdays, at 9:30AM:
    2 Nescafe Gold + 2 Sugar + 4 coffee mate, that’s it :D

  3. During my last stint in Abu Dhabi one of the delights was the Nescafé concoction served up by the office boy during each and every working day. Although since I was staying in the totally crappy ‘villa’ of my former boss to start the day I had to head for the Mugg&Bean outlet in the close by Spinneys Supermarket.

    Now back in Munich and working from home the eye-opener at about seven in the morning is a mug of percolated Dallmayr coffee with lots of milk and sugar, a dosage usually repeated late morning when I feel the urge to reward myself for getting half way throught the day’s German-to-English translation assignments.

    When I finally emerge from my domestic isolation in the late afternoon there is usually a stop for a Segafredo double espresso.

    I still avoid Stabucks like the plague since they were the first to ban smokers long before legislation demanded it in all German cafés, bars and restaurants.

    Coffee, cigarettes and white wine… life’s essentials for about half a century now.

  4. Everyday in the morning: 3 sugar, 2 nescafce , 2 coffee mate
    remainder of the days, American coffee, black

    i dont like Turkish coffee

  5. I used to have a ritual, but now it all depends on my girls. If they’re in a good mood I get to enjoy a few sips before the coffee gets cold :p
    8:30 am, 1 Tbs nescafe, 1 tsp sugar, 3 tsp coffee mate

  6. 6:30 AM: 1 small ibrik of boiled water, 1 heaping spoon of Turkish coffee. No sugar, no coffeemate. I drink it with a piece of chocolate while watching CNN. This early morning ritual makes me happy.

    I also like American coffee when I go to a coffee shop. Again, no sugar and no coffeemate. When you add sugar or coffeemate to a hot freshly-made aromatic cup coffee it transforms to a different drink. Could be anything but coffee :)

  7. Ohoud

    Flat White in the morniiiiiing if I want to indulge that is!

    Normal morning: Latte.

    NO SUGAR:D I managed to ge myself concentrate on the coffee flavour and enjoy that. Took me years:p

  8. Babak

    French coffee, no sugar, no milk! three cups in a working day.

  9. Aseel

    :) loved this post! I read a study few years ago that states that the way we drink coffee is so much related to our personality.

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