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Toyota’s Nature Adventures: Questions that crossed my mind as I watched this

First, watch:


1. How in the world was a blue, half-naked man walking in Amman in broad daylight?

2. Seriously. HOW?

3. Whose Diana is that?

4. Is that guy Rami or his brother?

5. Where did they find the blue guy anyway?

The Kiwi guys were awesome enough to answer in record time:

1. The blue half-naked man gathered quite a large crowd, and made two babies cry- unintentionally.

2. He also got a couple of ‘Oh my god, mshalla7!’ However, the real surprise? Some people didn’t even react.

3. We rented it from a stranger. Not sure what kind it really is, all we know is that it was FILTHY.

4. Rami’s brother :) Good eye… he’s way cooler than Rami & funnier.

5. We didn’t find the blue guy, the blue guy found us…and he will find YOU if you turn your back on him.


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  1. khalid jarrar

    1. a. watch second 43 of the tape, ashjar can be scene from windows of both sides of the car, so probably this shot was taken in a private carage, not the same mash.had of the car on the traffic light.

    b . it could be in broad light, you wouldnt believe how much courage and energy a 20 JD bill can give some :P

    2. Is he really blue or is it a filter? he looks exactly like a negative!

    3. Karason :P

    4. who?

    5.seriously, have you even been to 7isbit il 7ussein or il madeenih i99ina3iyyih? :D

  2. this episode is much better, simpler and nicer than the 1st episode.

  3. Tamim

    Thats not a Diana, or “Toyota Dyna” as its official called. this is a “Diana”

    nice video though!

  4. We’re getting mixed reviews Naser. The first one was meant to look amateur, full hd with little color correction…for youtube.

    The second one was done with a little color correction and a more professional shot list.

    The people who liked the first, did not like the second. and Vice versa…

    The next challenge is to find a way to marry the two…

    WE DID get an angry phone call from the wakaleh that sells these buses tho :)
    Episode 3 is coming out this week.

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