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On January, beautiful January

I was never a winter person. In fact, although I like to think of myself as a perfectly logical human being, I get a bit morbid during the cold months. Nothing good ever happens during winter. But don’t tell anyone I told you that.

What I got to feel this year was different. First it was the Jasmine Revolution, then it was January 25, and holy crap, for the first time in my life, not only do I get to have a good January, I was also plastered to news sources (read: Twitter) in complete awe of the world. For the first time during my 25 years of life on this world, something good happens in our region that has nothing to do with a team making it to the World Cup or someone winning a music competition. But we already discussed that, didn’t we?

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I know the monthly picture post is very late, but it has not even crossed my mind this month. I mean, damn.

But anyway… I’ve been good this year, I don’t want to miss the monthly post.
So here goes. Between being surgically attached to Twitter and flipping maniacally though news channels, my January was this: awestruck.

With brother and long-lost cousin.

How many legs can you count?
How many pair of Converse can you count?

At New Think Theatre
At NewThink Theatre… the miracle straw man.

Oreo Cake

Cafe Des Artistes
At JoPop exhibition at the Cafe Des Artistes

Margarita gets glasses

I have a terrible habit I inherited from my mom. I love collecting magazine cut-outs. That’s why the first few posts on this blog are magazine ads.

See you in February.

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  1. Chris

    Winter sucks! It’s pretty much been below freezing here for months! But it warmed up a bit today :) Now I can’t quite say I get morbid but definitely a bit down. I like working outside, doing whatever outside, or at least having some doors and windows open so it all feels a bit “outside” when I’m inside. Outside! :D Now, complete awe indeed! Riveting. So the weather hasn’t really bothered me that much recently with all that going on. Wow… Oh, and Omar really looks like a giant in that picture! And I like neatness, so maybe use a box cutter on your magazines. Or a least tear with care. It’s bugging me just knowing that they’re all ragged. And probably all strewn about. Stop it. Stop it! :P

  2. Chris, fortunately for my closet, my magazine cutting now consists of right click -save. :)

  3. Isam

    I had a good feeling about the new year, unlike any other year before!!!/isoman00/status/20884489601290243

    I hope the rest of the year can be up to the hype!

  4. Madas

    Ohh… I can totally relate to winter morbidity!

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