Content Consumption

For the second time this month, I sit on my bed with my tablet in the dark and refresh a hashtag consistently for hours.

Our habits of consuming media and news have changed. Of course, the fact that traditional media is shooting itself in the foot by not covering one of the biggest events to affect Arabs in the past 10 years seriously does not help.

Getting the information from other Web users also makes everything much more real. I feel it more with Egypt than I did with Tunisia, because the Egyptians are expressing themselves in English and in Arabic, as opposed to French.

I’ve been refreshing hashtags for the past 5 hours, doing nothing more. I can’t get myself to stop, or go to sleep. I tried watching some of the news on AlJazeera, but they’re posting videos and images I saw in the morning online. Plus, they blab.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Not politically, that is too early to tell. In terms of content consumption though, and I know I am not telling you anything new, it’s just fricking amazing.

Bilady, bilady, bilady, laki 7obbi wa fo2adi.

11 thoughts on “Content Consumption”

  1. I’ve been doing that all the time of late! But not in my bedroom, or on a tablet. Not too long ago I’d spend an hour or two a day chatting like mad with others online while we’re watching a movie, documentary, news broadcast… or barge in on some right wing news site and immediately make ’em go berserk! Not as much anymore. Now it’s more read-read-read breaking news! There’s so much it’s hard to keep up with. I love it. Intoxicating. Addictive. Amazing.

  2. Hi. You were way better before using Twitter. It should attract people to your blog but it’s doing exactly the opposite.
    You were also way better before moving to Bait, it can’t be missed. I am sorry if am being harsh but it’s just one opinion that you may keep it to your self rather than publish it.

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