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New Starbucks Logo in Saudi Arabia





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  1. Diana

    It’s not a crown floating in the sea. They drowned her.

  2. qna

    The middle east version is so interesting.
    Nice work!

  3. anon

    Shame this post isn’t funny and is morally inappropriate in itself.

    I’d expect it would take the same progression the original logo took.

    Also the progression to the new logo wasn’t really much of a shock, more of a natural progression fora big brand that has diversified in product offering.

  4. Chris

    Haha! That’s about right. KSA, geez… Good job. Now, I prefer the old logo over the new one. I mean, it’s pretty, but it’s not STARBUCKS logo. In this case, I really like seeing their name. And I like the green, black and white. The whole thing feels grounded. I feel like the new one floats a bit. Personal preference, I guess. And I understand they’ve been branching out and don’t want to be solely known for what they started out doing, so just drop the “coffee,” add a few more stars or something. Then again, the new one is very pretty, I can see its benefits. I don’t know… But it doesn’t really matter, I don’t eat or drink their overpriced shit! :P

  5. Pat

    The new logo sucks ass.

  6. Leportfolio

    I don’t think the new logo is an issue. I actually agree with their decision.
    Go in a Starbucks and you will be confronted to hundreds of “starbucks” wordmark.
    (Cups, signs, banners, upsell products, sugar etc…)
    It’s becoming overkill and I think removing it from the cups gives a break to
    the consumer. They are giving us a break actually and I respect that.

    The only thing I am wondering about is why aren’t they keeping their registered mark and using a trademark symbol instead for that one.

  7. Reeze

    Very nice, I like the ideas. Keep it up.

  8. C

    for arabia- replace the star with scimitar moon.

  9. Tal

    I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia and I’ve frequented Starbucks more than once a week in all the years I’ve lived there (which coincidently are between 1992 and 2010) and I never once saw this logo.
    Get your facts checked, Starbucks only opened there in 2000, and they had the crown thing on for a while but then removed it and returned to the original, worldwide logo three months later.
    .-= The latest from Tal´s blog ..Sleeping till noon everyday- working through the pile of projects very slowly- enjoying what little =-.

  10. Tal, I lived there for most of my life myself. I am a 100% sure that that is what the logo is like, except perhaps in some places in Shargeyyah.

  11. Isam

    You do know that the logo in KSA is the same one used all over the world right? I can get you many many picture proofs.

  12. HateImbecilesLikeYou

    First, at least in Jeddah, where I have been most recently, it did not look like the “drowning mermaid/siren”… could be in other places though.

    Secondly, your idea of the Saudi version of the new logo does not look like it is coming from your “imagination” (unless you think like the millions of racists on the internet), just google (images) “Starbucks logo Saudi Arabia”, you will find similar depictions.


  13. mo

    1. like ppl have been trying to tell u they have the woman logo here so this post makes no sense

    2. everyone should be boycotting starbucks anyway
    .-= The latest from mo´s blog like an eagle =-.

  14. Yazan

    You have to double check your facts ,, The info stated here is incorrect .

    Besides , I dont see this post as acceptable in terms of respecting others .

  15. Bassam

    @ Roba i know SA sucks when it comes to women rights but what Tal is saying is correct i lived there and i still live there the logo without the Siren was used for short period of time in SA

    a pic of a random blog of star bucks in SA

    and the Associate press article about it

    Woman Back on Saudi Starbucks Logo
    Associated Press ^ | 4/19/2002 | AP

    Posted on Friday, April 19, 2002 5:58:01 PM by B Knotts

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — The powerful religious establishment has finally accepted her presence.

    The alluring, long-haired woman that Starbucks removed from its logo when it began opening its stores in this conservative kingdom in September 2000 is being restored on plastic and paper cups, bags of coffee and the aprons of the Starbucks staff.

    The Saudi religious establishment at first didn’t want the Starbucks woman in the logo and regularly sent religious police, called the muttawa, to the stores to ensure they complied. The Seattle-based gourmet coffee retailer had customized its logo, keeping only the woman’s crown, in response to advice from the company’s local partner.

    But on Thursday, the company’s president, Peter Maslen, said in a statement to The Associated Press that “Starbucks original logo will be displayed in both existing and new stores in the country.”

    It was not clear when the Starbucks’ local partner took the decision to introduce the original logo or why the woman has suddenly become acceptable to the religious establishment.

    Starbucks’ staff said the muttawa who had ordered the woman removed from their aprons in February returned less than a month later and said it was OK to restore her.

    Women in Saudi Arabia have to cover themselves with black cloaks in public and the sexes are strictly segregated.


  16. Abdulrahman

    The crown logo only used in Mecca
    they use ” the world ” logo in the other cities

  17. Interesting, thank you for that :) I have not been to Riyadh since ’08, but I am pretty sure that the Starbucks at Mamlaka did not have the siren then. I have a picture of that somewhere.

  18. Kaushik

    I would love to see few more logos and tag lines which are different in Saudi compare to other part of the world .

  19. that logo was only used initially and not it’s only in makkah and madinah.
    .-= The latest from Khaled´s blog ..Saudi man arrested for carrying snakes on a plane- and 2 parrots and a squirrel =-.

  20. ive only been to saudi once a few years back, passed by Al Rashed mall in Khobar if im not mistaken and i do recall the starbucks logo did not have the mermaid or siren!
    I remember finding that very funny but im not sure if thats how it is in other areas

  21. Daniel

    Just awesome. Branding run amok.

    @anon: What’s so immoral about this? There is not morality about this. What is it with people taking this stuff so seriously as to be offended? Almost everything in all cultures obscures someone else’s. Just laugh.

  22. Sawsan

    The “crown “logo only used in Mecca and Madinah
    And” the world ” logo is used in the other cities

  23. Sawsan

    The “crown “logo only used in Mecca and Madinah
    And” the world ” logo is used in the other cities

  24. Malcolm Velastegui

    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

  25. Back in 2002-2003, Starbucks in Jeddah was using a seahorse logo in lieu of the siren. It had changed back to the global logo, though, by 2005.

  26. Ryan

    Someone said this joke isn’t funny and is morally inappropriate. May I suggest that not allowing women human rights is the real moral injustice?

  27. ralf

    The niqab the lady/siren is wearing in the proposed new logo is frivolous and immoral! It should be black.

  28. Paul M.

    Explore the motif of a mermaid half-buried in the sand, surrounded by a crowd throwing stones at her.

    Who the hell cares what the hard-core Islamists think? Would there be ANY brands if the whole world was dar es islaam??

  29. Moka

    They’ll just keep the old logo untainted, c’est tout.

  30. loooooooool. Absolutely hilarious post. Crazy, crazy saudi arabia. It’s just a picture, what’s the point of putting turning the woman into an octopus? come one man, get real. We’re living in the 21st Century.
    Great, great post.
    .-= The latest from hashimilion´s blog ..Saudi king arrives in Morocco after US surgery =-.

  31. Greg

    I too would like to support this notion:
    Someone said this joke isn’t funny and is morally inappropriate. May I suggest that not allowing women human rights is the real moral injustice?

    Don’t Saudi’s like women? Morally inappropriate, is this how they treat women, is your wife morally inappropriate too!

    I’ll stay in a culture where women are respected and treated as EQUAL!

  32. XvR

    2011 Saudi’s Starbucks logo:

  33. najah

    hahahahhahahaha this is so stupid, these people are soooooooooooooo shallow they’re thinking about logos while they should be thinking about this zionist company making money out of them in the country that’s supposed to be the heart of islam… idiots…shame on you

  34. not good at all, international one is far better!

  35. Richard Gilleland

    Do you even know why they’re changing their logo? They got so much backlash because they wouldn’t serve women. This too will pass and they will go back to their old ways. Once they’re out of the spotlight, women will be banned again.

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