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Cookie Decorating with the Konouz

Cookie Decorating Party

A cookie decorating party at the beautiful Konouz home was what I did today. Bloggers (and ex-bloggers), other interesting Internet people and their buddies came to get messy with sugar cookies and colorful frosting.

Thank you Kinzi for hosting us, you are one of the good-est humans I have ever met in my life :)

Can you match the cookies to the webbie? A few hints: I am actually not sure who created all these items. It wasn’t I who took the pictures. But what I can help: Two are mine. Heshek beshek is Khobbeizeh‘s. Your other options are: Reem and Manal.

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie Decorating Party

Say it. Say it. Bloggers are super creative.

Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party
 Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party Cookie Decorating Party

My 10 Favorite Posts of AndFarAway in 2010

In no particular order.

My favorite posts on AndFarAway this year:

After All Those Years: I am probably the only human in the world who can write such a loving post about a freakin’ hairdryer.

Advice for a fresh designer: I had to sink deep into my own soul and experiences to write this piece. It made me realize how deep the love I feel for design is.

Do you think the Internet speaks Arabic?: The research I did for this Venture article was very eye opening. It was a challenge putting all the interesting data together and still make it an enjoyable read.

Damn Punctuation Marks: I get really pissed off by the weird punctuation trend . I still do . But at least I got it off my chest .

The Four Stages of Getting Twitter: My first attempt at creating an infographic. It was fun! I should do that more often.

My Top 10 Typefaces: What do your favorite typefaces say about you? I think my favorite typefaces tell a story about who I am.

Art Day at the Assis: One of the funnest days I had this year. Painting is so therapeutic. I need to do that more often. And have a public art day.

Once Upon a Summer Day in Jeddah: I found these pictures at my grandma’s house and they took my breath away. A very good representation of life for Palestinians abroad in the 40’s and 50’s.

myboys.: I love my boys.

Alive Like the Rainbow: Early summer has a special beautiful vibe to it. It’s the most exciting time of the year.

Reader submissions:
Chris (Thanks, Chris! :)
The 10 rules of driving in Amman
“Satellite” Arabia: the logos of our TV channels
So here we go…
Oscars outfit frenzy, 2010 edition
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Shows to watch: human recommendation engine
On glue and adulthood
Pictures from Amman’s Street Fair
To Harry, with love
It’s a matter of interestingness

10 Best Amman Moments

Is it really bad that I can only think of seven things, two of which are negative?

  1. Bubble Tea comes to Amman and I am blown away into a land where juice actually tastes good.
  2. The Sunny Art Fair pushes Amman’s culture up a few notches.
  3. Turtle Green Tea Bar opens and proves that Amman still has soul.
  4. Amman becomes a monster construction. Damn detours.
  5. AmmanTT proves Amman can be tech. And then proves it can’t. And then proves it can again.
  6. Someone in the government made my day by deciding to get rid of the million lights on Abdoun bridge and replace them with one long, stringy light. Yay for that. I usually avoid Abdoun bridge cause I can’t help but count all the burnt out lights!
  7. I discover that Amman has somehow gotten off the good uphill track, and we’re going down again. DAMN.

My Top Ten 2010 Pop Culture Obsessions

In no particular order.

1. The Southern Vampire Mysteries: One of the funnest collections I’ve read in recent years. Charlaine Harris is good with words. Read post about The Southern Vampire Mysteries

2. True Blood: Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, True Blood is hot, fun, and artsy fartsy. Read post about True Blood

3. Lost: I am very sad that 2010 saw the end of my favorite television series ever, Lost. I’m really missing it. Read post about The Southern Vampire Mysteries

4. Twilight (and I refuse to feel ashamed): I can’t do anything about my vampire fascination. Read post about Twilight

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: I am glad that we have one more year to enjoy the Harry Potter franchise. Read post about Harry Potter

6. Mad Men: I never thought I’d enjoy a show as blabbery as Mad Men. But I love it.  Read post about Mad Men

7. The Big Bang Theory: Hilariously geeky, The Big Bang Theory is the best show since The IT Crowd. Read post about The Big Bang Theory

8. Criminal Minds: I watch this a lot on MBC Action when I catch it. I haven’t caught it in a while. Good show to kill an hour.

9. The Mists of Avalon Series: I have read a lot of this series this year, although nothing compares to the main book. Read post about The Mists of Avalon

10. The Riftwar Saga: Very good fantasy series to read if you liked The Lord of the Rings. Excellent entertainment.

What were your top 2010 pop culture obsessions?

My Top 10 Monthly Pictures

In no particular order.

Shoes in the autumn.
On Octover

At Big B’s engagement, 3aha and 7abeh (sans 7abeh).
On September - 3aha 100% better when drunk

Will eat you alive.
On September - Zombie who can't eat you

The last Iftar.
On August

Me familia.
On July

The girls.

In Barcelona.
On November

In Beirut.
On March

Lots of ’em Tabbalats.
On February

Weena I love you <3
On January

Christmas the Jordanian way

A little repetitive but hilarious.

Created by Nadim Masri

10 Must-Follow Arab Tweeps 2010

You won’t regret following these guys on Twitter.

In no particular order.

@Sandmonkey: Aside from amusing musings, the one and only Sandmonkey invents his own Twitter memes and spends all day playing. Hilarious, smart, and always different.

@Rund_: The best new addition to the Jordanian blogosphere is also a hilarious tweep. Can put a smile on your face even on the darkest day with her morbid humor and sharp wit.

Ahmad Humeid
@Humeid: One of the most amazing people on Twitter (and generally) you could follow. Learn something new every day as he shares his eccentric observations, edgy design opinions, and moral wisdoms.

@BeirutSpring: Mustapha has a thing for links. Links that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. And they’re usually about the funny place called Lebanon.

Ban Barkawi
@BanBarkawi: The feisty little word monster is here to crack you up. It’s even funnier as she’s being serious most of the time. You can hear the angry kitten sounds.

Alexander McNabb
@AlexanderMcNabb: He’s a man who masters the art of 140 characters. Brilliant with words, Alexander manages to stuff so much soul into such little space. He’s also been living in the Arab world for so long that he qualifies.

Wael Ghonim
@Ghonim: The Internet nerd shares an awesome string of internetingly musings. Nerdy, but entertaining. Funny, but thought provoking. Random, but useful.

Nadine Toukan
@nadinetoukan: Three words to describe this lady: fascinating ball of energy (okay, that’s four).

Naseem Tarawnah
@Tarawnah: A cliche recommendation, I know. After all, we all already know what such an awesome addition Naseem is to the Internet. But you can’t go wrong with The Black Iris. A glimpse into one of Jordan’s most interesting young(-ish) minds.

 Amer Sweidan
@AmerSweidan: Artsy fartsy links galore from a fellow web person. He also does funny things like quality assurance and cross browser testing over Twitter.

@BaytJobs and @MarketingHubMe: The Middle East’s number one job site is here to make your career better. We always try to share the coolest links :)

This is a hard list to put together, as there are so many tweeps who I seriously enjoy interacting with on a personal level. Here’s a mini-list of some of my favorite tweeps: @isoman00, @balaeddin, @bardees, @dee_b, @yjawhar, @shusmo, @ramimansour, @sheeshany, @zaharias1, @zsafwan, @dubayan, @otahboub, @kgharaibeh, @aalhasani, @matthewteller, @raafatmcm, @allouh, @cybjorg, @OmarAssi, @njarrar, @basemaggad, @mohanadgh, @Hamdanism, @manna_87, @noornet, @ranidababneh, @moeys, @linafraij, @fastake, @jawazsafar, @ManarTouqan, @AmerAlSaleh, @NadaAbandah, @Ladyb84, @Orpheus1, @TravellerW, @_yaz. And that’s just to name a few.


My Top Ten 2010 Musical Obsessions

In no particular order.

Faith/Void by Bill Callahan

American Pie by Don McLean

Fasateen by Mashrou’ Leila

Creep by RadioHead

Shem Al Yasmeen by Mashrou’ Leila

Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer

Me and My Shadow by Robbie Williams

Raksit Leila by Mashrou’ Leila

Salma by Jadal

Babylon from Mad Men

The New Year Schedule on AndFarAway

The Internet makes top 10’s SO MUCH FUN.

So I thought I’ll play this year, and you can play too. Each day, I will be posting my top 10 list. If you want to play, you have to send me your list a day earlier and I will publish it along with mine.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming 10 days:

22/12: My Top Ten 2010 Musical Obsessions
23/12: 10 Must-Follow Arab Tweeps 2010
24/12: My Top 10 Monthly Pictures
25/12: My Top Ten 2010 Pop Culture Obsessions
26/12: 10 Best Amman Moments
27/12: My 10 Favorite Posts of AndFarAway
28/12: 10 Best Arab Blogs, 2010
29/12: Top 10 Links of AndFarAway
30/12: My Year in Pictures
31/12: It’s Over

In case you missed this…

Banksy does The Simpson’s opening scene:

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