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Month: October 2010

10 Arab TV Ads That Will Take You Back

I know I still haven’t told you about (unless you follow me on Twitter or have me added as a Facebook friend :), but I thought I’d share this funny post with you.

Ban, our awesome web editor, came up with a fantastic article idea today: awesome Arabic TV ads that we used to watch as kids.

We spent a whole hour in the morning marveling over how quickly the Arab world’s TV scene is changing (though it lay stagnant for 25 years!), laughing over how funny everyone looks, and trying to remember our favorite ads as kids.

Check out the post, it’s hilarious and brilliantly nostalgic.

This is my favorite one from the list:

What were your favorite ads as kids? Add them here.

The Types of Men You Find at a Wedding

Check out this hilarious post courtesy of my brother, Omar. I won’t give the whole post away, but here’s one of the “types”:

3. The Socializer. This person is in no way here at the wedding to dance. He dislikes dancing and loud music and would stay as far away from the dance floor as possible. This guy is here purely to socialize and hangout. He will advance from one table to the next talking and gossiping with the folks at the table, usually the Glancers and other Socializers.
Where to find this person: This person is probably the hardest to locate as he is in constant motion and a search party is required to find him.

Read the whole post here

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