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50-90% off

Who doesn’t love discounts? I definitely do.

GoNabit is the Middle East’s first “discount” site, and it just launched in Amman this week.

They have a discount deal of over 50% every day, and their first deal is a Swedish massage for half-price at the new Nirvana Spa.

I can’t give away all their upcoming deals, but I can release one secret for the ladies. Let me tell you, if you’re looking for a gym subscription, hold your horses. There’s a REALLY good deal for that soon ;) That of course doesn’t keep away the guys from other deals.

Check it out here: GoNabit Amman.

Ideal means of inter-family communication

Yes. Email is indeed dying.

10 Arab TV Ads That Will Take You Back

I know I still haven’t told you about (unless you follow me on Twitter or have me added as a Facebook friend :), but I thought I’d share this funny post with you.

Ban, our awesome web editor, came up with a fantastic article idea today: awesome Arabic TV ads that we used to watch as kids.

We spent a whole hour in the morning marveling over how quickly the Arab world’s TV scene is changing (though it lay stagnant for 25 years!), laughing over how funny everyone looks, and trying to remember our favorite ads as kids.

Check out the post, it’s hilarious and brilliantly nostalgic.

This is my favorite one from the list:

What were your favorite ads as kids? Add them here.

Lending Shelf: The Millennium Trilogy

I decided to read Stieg Larsson’s “The Millennium Trilogy” after I read countless reviews and had it recommended to me by a million engines.

The series consists of thee novels; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, were first published in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. They are set in Sweden, and are themed as an outcry against violence against women.

The books are definitely entertaining reads, though the author rambles on and on and on, often needlessly. The details are killers. I must have skimmed through one-third of each book.

Read them if you enjoy mysteries with dramatic plot twists. Forget it if you don’t feel like wasting a few good weeks on needless blabbering.

Other book reviews on AndFarAway:

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What I found today when I got home…


My cheese sandwich is better than yours

I am exceptionally Arab about my food. Or maybe I should say exceptionally Levantine: I love my white cheese. I love my olive oil. I love my tomatoes, my olives, my thyme, and my bread. 

They are at the very base of my life, my childhood, my experiences.

My current favorite sandwich is this one. 

The secret of this sandwich is the bread. You must get a thyme-sprinkled loaf, preferably from Abella, who have the best bakery in Amman.

Step one: bread and tomatoes
Making of a cheese sandwich

Whether you use cherry tomatoes or regular ones is up to you. I feel like cherry tomatoes give a nice tangy flavor to food. Like I mentioned, the real secret is in the bread.

Step two: the cheese
Making of a cheese sandwich

The cheese should most definitely be white, aside from the fact that yellow cheese is disgusting.

We get some cheap Shami-brand “sweet poiled cheese”, and it’s actually absolutely delicious. Make sure the chunks are large though as this cheese tends to be over sweetened and thus slightly flavorless. 

Step three: heaven is in the olive oil
Making of a cheese sandwich

Where does one start with describing the amazingness of olive oil? How can such a simple liquid be so rich and aromatic?
I love olive oil. My favorite food as a child was khobzeh bzeit, which translates to bread in olive oil. To this day, my de facto snack is a slice of freshly baked bread dipped in oil and sprinkled with salt.  

Step four: some layering
Making of a cheese sandwich

I usually add nothing more than sliced black olives. Other times, I add an extra dash of thyme. 

Step five: scorch a little .
Making of a cheese sandwich

Do not eat this sandwich without toasting it first. I prefer mine slightly scorched, it adds a nice woody scent.

Enjoy! :)

It’s that time of the year again… new blogs added to toot

Hello fellow blog lovers and bloggers, it’s that of the year again!

This is the new toot blogs extravaganza week, which we spend the entire 6 months from addition to addition plotting for.

We have an awesome new round of blogs for you, and whoever is saying that blogging is dead… well, just tell them to get their head out of Facebook.

Our first batch of additions are diverse and cunning, ranging from food (yum!) to architecture, from to Kuwaiti wanderings. We have Lebanese punditry and Syrian fiction.

This is the last chance to submit your blog before we go into our next six months routine :)

For now, enjoy, and look forward to more this week.

Here’s the full listing:

Majed Al-Hamdan
Laura of Arabia
Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept
Qifa Nabki
l e i t m o t i f ( s )
About Q8
Mariyah’s Blog
Anissa’s Blog
A Sense of Belonging
Chez Chiara
Blabbr Girl
Dirty Kitchen Secrets
Jeddah Daily Photo Journal
Diary of a Dazed N Confused
Chill Out Kuwait
Beirut Beauty
Crazy Yet Wise
Ink On The Side
The Blog of the Ugly Duckling
The Diadochi
The Next Web Middle East
The Moor Next Door
Hummus Nation

Il ghorfeh il zahreyeh


Fall girl

Fall girl, originally uploaded by Roobee.



I really love this trailer, at least the first part of it.

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