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My Top 10 Summer Hangouts for 2010

It’s summer and the weather is gorgeous, and Amman becomes alive again after the dead winter months. To celebrate the heat, here’s a list of my favorite 10 summer hangouts in Amman, with the perfect time to visit them included.

This list is not ordered by preference.

View from La Calle
1. La Calle’s terrace, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.
The end of Rainbow Street

While finding a good spot on La Calle’s summer terrace is no easy feat, it’s worth the hassle (it’s always crowded because 6:00-8:00 is also happy hour). The sunset is stunning, and the calm vibes of early evening Rainbow Street make La Calle one of my favorite summer places.
Try: Their pizza.


Las Tapas, Amman, Jordan
2. Las Tapas’ outdoor garden, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
Behind the Third Circle, 06-4615061.

While Las Tapas’ service is perhaps the worst in Amman, I’m always braving the crappy customer experience to enjoy their garden. I love their dark wooden furniture contrasted again the evergreen plants and the reddish tiles. My favorite part of the garden is the pink “Majnooneh tree” (no idea what the scientific name for it is), framing the doorway.

Try: Their risotto balls and three-kinds-of-pasta platter.


viniagrette (1)
3. Vinaigrette’s open sushi bar, Sunday dinner, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. 06-560528.
Shmeisani, Al-Qasr Hotel. 06-560528.

I love Vinaigrette. The view of Amman at night through their glass walls is stunning, their customer service is excellent, and their food is one of the best in Amman. For fans of sushi, I do not think sushi can get any better in Amman (I haven’t tried Yoshi yet though, to be honest), and their 20.00JD all-you-can-eat sushi deal is definitely worth the money.

Try: Their all-you-can-eat sushi.


Books@Cafe, Amman, Jordan
4. Books@Cafe, Saturday/Friday mornings and afternoons. 06-4650457.
Jabal Amman.

Books@Cafe is my favorite place in the entirety of this city. The staff are friendly, the space is awesome, the crowd is non-judgmental and eclectic, and the food is great.
I really hate how they covered their terrace, but that doesn’t make the place rock that much less.

Try: Their pizza.

(Photo by Gulf Life Magazine)
5. Tche Tche, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
Several locations. 06-5932020.

I actually really like Tche Tche. They have good food, logical prices, free wi-fi, and Amman’s best arageel. My only wish is that they’d have more comfortable chairs.

Try: Their salmon fillet.


6. The guys’ terrace, Saturday/Friday, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.
Mutran Street, Jabal Amman.

While this place isn’t open to the public, I have to have in on this list because it’s one of my favorite places in town, with some of my favorite people in the world. Great company, great conversations, and a comfortable couch.


Blue Fig
(Photo by Gulf Life Magazine)
7. Blue Fig’s garden, Saturday, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
Abdoun. 06-5928800.

Blue Fig is really cool during the morning, very laid-back and chilled out, as opposed to the vibes this place has during the evening. Their food is excellent as well.

Try: Their New Orleans Burger.


canvas amman
8. Canvas.
Weibdeh. 06-4632211.
I like Canvas a lot, because you can sit outside or inside and feel and enjoy the restaurant’s wonderful ambiance. Their menu isn’t very good, but the setting itself is worth the bad drinks.


(Photo by Debbini)
9. Champions. Weekdays, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
Marriot Hotel, Shmeisani. 06-5607607.

This is an almost unlikely addition to this list, and I find myself surprised at its addition. Champions is a good place to watch a game with my sports-obsessed Moose; the seating is comfortable, the food is excellent, and the noise level is always optimum.
Try: Their sharing platter.


10. Coffee and News, the sidewalk. Weekdays. 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
Rainbow Street.

Coffee on the sidewalks of Rainbow Street is great, especially when combined with kaek from Abu Ghosh across the street. Coffee and News is very unassuming, and I like that a lot about it.



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  1. I pretty much share the same list.. but instead of Che Che and Champions I’d include Makan’s balcony for an afternoon cup of tea, and the RFC’s wonderful backyard for outdoor summer film screenings. And then instead of the guy’s balcony I’d list the Rainbow House =)
    .-= The latest from Lina´s blog ..مطعم أبو محجوب =-.

  2. Mirna

    Lebnen w BASS

  3. i like your urban reviews and hangouts keep us always updated
    .-= The latest from manal yusuf´s blog ..Ireifij Qoute of the year =-.

  4. Isam

    Urban reviews do not get better than this. There are some places that I have never been to and they are definitely on my list for the next vacation. Bravo !

  5. Great list, and great photo for Las Tapas… genius :)
    I like la cajjjje too
    .-= The latest from Hareega´s blog ..هيك الحكي الصحيح =-.

  6. Your urban reviews are always pleasure to read. Excellent!
    .-= The latest from jaraad´s blog ..Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano is making a scary face =-.

  7. Dalia

    Akh! I really yearn for Amman in the summer…
    keep blogging!

  8. Robaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :@

    Mosh wa2tooooooooooooooooooooooooo :@

    i miss Ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :'(

    *Meshx86 smashes his head against the wall*
    .-= The latest from Mesh´s blog ..Places & Spaces.. =-.

  9. Awesome list, I would love to try them all next time I’m in Amman. Especially “guys’ place” :) I would rank that as the best! Nothing beats the good company of guys atop someone’s roof!

    In fact, I think this is the thing I miss the most about Jordan

    Thanks Roba for the nice nostalgic reminder
    .-= The latest from Qwaider قويدر´s blog ..The state of the Arab Forums =-.

  10. Ali

    Awesome recommendations roba! Needs a lot of cash to be able to go to these places though, LOL!
    .-= The latest from Ali´s blog ..I Exist "Online" !!! =-.

  11. Stephen

    Thanks, this will be useful as I now live in Amman and I’m sick of being dragged to Books@cafe

  12. Lina, I’m sure you did, that’s why you and I run into each other every other day! :D I’m so happy to be running into you more often these days :)

    Manal, sure will :)

    Isam, lol, let me know what you think of them :)

    Hareega, sorry about the image use, I didn’t have any other one and there were none online!

    Jaraad, thanks :)

    Dalia, yalla ta3ali! It’s about time I meet you!

    Mesh, lol, 7aram Mohannad :P

    Qwaider, yes, indeed, good company in the open is the best that Amman has to offer :)

    Ali, some you don’t, like Coffee and News :)

    Stephen, Books is still one of my fave places! :P

  13. Excellent recommendations here and an excellent post. I would dearly like to visit but I dont yet have the money!

  14. John

    Hey Roba,

    Don’t know anywhere i can get locally produced Restaurant/Hotel guide from do you? Love the blog.


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