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Is there anything more beautiful than Arabic calligraphy?

Arabic calligraphy is perhaps one of the most beautiful five things in the world. It’s amazing how something so ancient can easily look so gorgeous modern.

I thought you might enjoy opening your week with some shots of one of  my favorite calligraphic pieces, done by my talented colleague, Hussein Al-Azaat. They are actually used as decorative walls in the Landmark Hotel, Amman.

Enjoy :)

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Arabic Calligraphy by Hussein Al-Azaat

Arabic Calligraphy by Hussein Al-Azaat

Arabic Calligraphy by Hussein Al-Azaat

Arabic Calligraphy by Hussein Al-Azaat

Arabic Calligraphy by Hussein Al-Azaat


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  1. ola

    That’s gorgeous!

  2. Brilliant…
    .-= The latest from Super devoika´s blog ..Mansushi! =-.

  3. My God! just today I was google-imaging Arabic Calligraphy! I ended up using one of the pictures for my post. I’m freaked out :\
    .-= The latest from Rand´s blog ..Defending Islam? It’s Better Off Without It! =-.

  4. Faisal

    “one of the most beautiful five things in the world”.. What are the other four things?

  5. The God Accomplice Of Evil

    Yeah! there is.. Arabic Calligraphy fails in comparison with Chinese Calligraphy.. and Chinese Calligraphy is WAY~ more ancient than what you people think..
    i do not speak ill of Arabic Calligraphy.. but while ancient Chinese is considered one of the most old active texts and is still continuing to be so since 12th century BC, arabic written text started gaining solidity in the 3rd Century AD after being mixed with Musnad’s text system and aramic languages.. pretty modern language to me i say..

  6. Thanx to Roba and everyone..

    to The God Accomplice Of Evil:

    Why to compare with Chinese script? what is the point? and if you are really interested in history of written word; can you please compare how was the Arabic type look like in the 3rd century and how is it now..

    Also the Chinese calligraphy.. what are the development stages?

    How the culture affected the evolving of any script..

  7. Onzlo

    If we are comparing, I would say Arabic calligraphy is by far more beautiful than its Chinese equivalent.

  8. I agree with Onzlo. While Chinese calligraphy does have its charm, Arabic calligraphy is so much more diverse and has so much more space for creative input.
    .-= The latest from Roba´s blog ..My Favorite Firefox 3.6 Config Tweaks =-.

  9. wow, absolutely beautiful. why would you compare two different forms of calligraphy? Seems pointless to me. They are different forms of art and it’s just a personal choice.
    .-= The latest from cubano´s blog ..Auschwitz =-.

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous!
    .-= The latest from Amina´s blog ..Quick update =-.

  11. siddeeque

    I’m a non-Arab. But I like Arabic Calligraphy. I like Arabic Language also.

  12. Artemis

    Im not Chinese to Arabic but I definitely think chinese calligraphy is more beautiful than Arabic caligraphy. This stuff is really nice but looks more like graphitti to me, Chinese caligraphy looks like art. Keep in mind that I can’t read either, so that probably affects my judgement…

  13. Artemis

    Sorry I meant “I’m not Chinese or Arabic” stupid iPhone…

  14. Livvie93

    chinese is forever linked to cheap tattoos in my memory

  15. tabu

    There is no comparison between Chinese and Arabic calligraphy, Arabic is on a different plane altogether .
    Chinese calligraphy is of course nice in its own way.

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