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The Jordanian Brand Quiz

How well do you associate your Jordanian brands with their colors and “concepts”?

Take this quiz to find out :)

Post your answers in the comment section, and I will let you know the answers later :D

Idea based on The Brand Quiz.


Super Mo7taram The Creative Director


Jagual El Usek


  1. Heba

    I think I figured a couple of them, will give it a try:

    #5 zain telecom company (3alamon jameel :P )
    #8 Chili Ways
    #9 Al Kalha Rest.

  2. Heba

    #6 FINE

  3. Heba

    #7 cozmo

  4. TVS

    1- (i dont know)
    2- books @ cafe
    3- blue fig
    4- play 99.6
    5- zain (hilarious 3rd circle)
    6- Fine
    7- cozmo
    8- Chili house/ways
    9- falafel il quds
    10- al ghad

  5. Heba

    #10 Al Ghad newspaper?!

  6. Dee

    3- Cups and kilos
    4- Play 99.6
    5- zein
    6- Fine
    8- Chili ways

    Not sure at all but i have a feeling 2 is books@cafe ma32ino not sure it can be labeled as a brand hada iza kan sa7 aslan lol

  7. Heba

    Oh my God, this post has turned into an obsession!
    I went to bed so tired, was ready to to shut down my system,
    and I found myself thinking, hmmm, sticky residue, traffic light, red and yellow!!
    I jumped out of bed at 1:45 A.M to add this:

    # 1 Sha3rawi gum ;)

    So there you go :D

  8. Heba

    # 4 PLAY 0.99 FM

  9. Heba

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a spam commenter, but every time I decide to give up, another brand pops into my head, and I fail to resist this urge to post my guess!

    #2 Books@Cafe (Rainbow St.)

  10. CUTE! I got 7 out of 10

  11. Heba – Sha3rawi gum!!! How could I forget? Brilliant.

    #10 Al-Ghad Newspaper :)

    The first two I recognized were Zain and Cosmo. Then Fine and Kalha. And Chilli House. (Isn’t Chilli Ways the copycat?)

    The rainbow and book made me think Books, but I wouldn’t agree that the strong pink is such a part of the brand.

    I don’t think #3 is Cups and Kilos. Inno, I always associate them with the color orange, no?

  12. Ora

    1- SB gum
    2- Books@ Café (Lol@ rainbow)
    3- Cups & Kilos
    4- Play 99.6
    5- Zain, 3alamon bateekhi
    6- Fine is Fine
    7- Cozmo
    8- Chili ways
    9- Kalha?
    10- AlGhad

  13. Heba, loool, I’m glad you like this! :D Sorry about having you jump at 1:45 AM :P Let’s see, all these answers are right! Which is your favorite? :)

    TVS, good job! The only ones you missed out are Sharawi Gum for 1, Cups and Kilos for 3, and Al-Kalha for 9 :)

    Dee, it is Books! :D Why can’t it be labelled as a brand though? I think it has a very strong brand :) I probably should have put blue instead of pink yeah?

    Kinzi, glad you like it! :)

    Lina, yeah I meant Chili House, but putting a house was too direct :) Chili ways works as well though.. I had a problem with books, cause I associate it with blue. But when you think about the colors they do have, it’s a lot of magenta and orange, and not much blue.. There is orange for Cups and Kilos, no?

    Ora, hahaha you got them all right! :D Bataleh!

  14. didn’t know that Kalha has only one branch does it ?

  15. Mesh, oh it doesn’t. There are a gazillion branches, and most of them claim they’re the only branch. It’s very funny.

  16. Andy

    This is a complete ripoff from . The least you could do was link back to the original. I hope you die in plagiarism hell!

  17. Andy, thanks for the nice comment. The link to the brand quiz is right on top of the “Add a comment” link, too bad you had time to bitch but no time to read.

  18. Andy

    Okay Roba I see it now, it is completely fair to rip something off if you add a link. What was I thinking!

  19. Dalia

    loved this Roba – even though I’ve been out of Amman for so long I had no clue about most of them..


  20. Dee

    all of them are real brands, businesses more like, books@ is just one place ma 7aset it can be called a brand, w yea the rainbow was fine and ana il sara7a ra7 mo5i 3a ishi tani when i saw it lol, cause technically it’s not on rainbow street :p bas the pink isn’t a color that i would match with books no, bas zabtat and everyone guessed right so 5alas :p

  21. You know, I would love to give it a shot! … The problem is… I’m freaking COLOR BLIND :(

  22. Faris

    1) mac or SB
    2) books@
    3) Orange
    5) Zain
    6) Fine
    9) Quds
    10) Al 3’ad news paper

  23. I really like this, Cups and kilos kinda surprised me, it’s brighter than that right?! we’re playing this quiz at the office now :p

  24. hahaha Roba! i love this! my classmates were wondering what was i doing on my laptop that seemed so much fun so i show this to them and explained each one of the brands it was funny! and they learned a little bit about Jordan hehehe you should print it as postcards for tourists!! ;P
    here are my answers:

    1) 3ilket sha3rawi
    2) books@cafe
    3) cups & kilos
    4) play 99.6 fm
    5) zain (fastlink sabiqan haha)
    6) fine tissues
    7) cozmo
    8) chilli ways / chilli house?
    9) Al quds falafel
    10) Al ghad newspaper

  25. Chris

    Witty, and nicely done, as usual. Here’s one for ya! They’re pretty close by, with a name, logo, and product, that’s based on a world famous Seattle company.

  26. Books has definitely developed a brand over the years. I agree with you about the colors. I would say the @ symbol is part of their brand too. That’s the first thing that gets ripped off… did you see the F.R.I.E.N.D.S @cafe that opened in Rainbow street? ugghh

    Either I’m color blind, or this orange you have for cups and kilos is, hmmmm, not bright enough. I don’t have the right color terminology but it looked brownish to me :)

    Andy dude, the web is all about sharing ideas and being inspired by them. Roba designed a whole new quiz specifically for Jordan inspired by that original quiz. Google just introduced buzz to do something similar to facebook and twitter. Vimeo and Blip TV started after You Tube. I can list a million examples. Plagiarism is a different thing.

  27. Witty, and nicely done, as usual. Here’s one for ya! They’re pretty close by, with a name, logo, and product, that’s based on a world famous Seattle company.

  28. Chris

    @Mallu? Hmmn… Roba, Stars & Bucks—Al-Manara Square, Ramallah

  29. Dee, a brand is not necessarily a trademark :) The rainbow is funny cause as you mentioned, it has a double meaning :D

    Ehab, are you really? What kind of color blind? W

    Faris, many people that it was Al-Quds, I guess my clue wasn’t that good! It’s actually Al-Kalha.

    Bardees, you’re right, it is brighter, but in the logo it’s dark. I should have definitly made it brighter :)

    Nada, lool that must have been interesting! I’m glad you like it :) The only oe you got wrong was 9, it’s actually Al-Kalha :)

    Chris, um… there are actually a gazillion places ripping off the Starbucks model, there’s one called Shawermama that has the same exact logo almost. Ahhh wait… I just saw your other comment, haha, yeah I heard abotu that cafe, good one man! :)

    Lina, you’re right, it is too dark :) I based on their logo, which is also a little dark, but I should have made it a little lighter…

  30. Lucas

    This is a complete copy of
    I don’t understand. Why would you just take someone else’s work like that?

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