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Geocities a la 2010

Just as the year that saw Geocities give away comes to an end, I was pleasantly pleased with myself when I stumbled upon a site that might have as well been a 1999 Geocities site.

All the features:

  • Strobe light pngs.
  • A weird color filter that might as well be mistaken for a web-safe palette.
  • Hideous typography that shines with some sort of glow effect.
  • Animated sidebar links that look like webring links.
  • A lovely shade of neon purple.
  • Film reel innerpage links with all of the above.

Enough to end my year with a bang.

Awesomeee. Believe me, look at it yourself here.

And the slogan! My god. Feed your Ediction :D Giggle.

A few snapshots that I really cannot resist sharing (I tried, I swear, I know this month has been very image heavy for this blog).

Funny site

Funny site

Funny site

Funny site Funny site

And my favorite:

Funny site


The Decade’s Biggest Design Moments


All the colors of the Rainbow


  1. :( I just realized my “home page” as I used to call it on geocities is no longer! damn I had a lot of pictures on there ! childhood is now lost,thanks Yahoo
    seriously though,when did it stop ?

  2. Nadine

    Your first online community was a Christopher Pike fanclub? Haha I’m officially a fan of your blog!

  3. Zeid (ou Za3tar)

    Isn’t this the website that was taken out of the web ? and you grieved about it … el 3omor elek … sar zekra saneh min wafato ?

  4. Naser, check out your website on the internet archives, they archived many of Geocities pages, you might be lucky :) Yahoo killed Geocities in October. Idiots.

    Nadine, haha, did you read Christopher Pike? I don’t know many people who did!

    Zeid, it is it :) I’m not grieving anymore, I’m just mentioning that inspiring websites thankfully still exist beyond its borders :P

  5. Zaiding

    How inspiring, this website experience makes me wanna go work as a taxi driver and fill my cab with all kinda glowy gloomy lights and put on some “heshek beshek” music and rock all day:-)

    These websites bring memories indeed,sad ones :D, i remember once i got this script that when you embed it in your html, the menu starts moving as if its spiral, that was cool back then, regardless of the how the user suffers from a strong dizziness accompanied with a strange color melt down after long exposure:-)

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