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Ex-Office Conversation: My Dead Titanium

Y in an SMS: “Hi Roobee, I’m laptop-less. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m attempting to simulate the internet through text messages. I hate Steve Jobs for making me so Mac dependent. I don’t even wanna go down to the internet cafe cause they use PCs.
Over. My. Dead. Titanium. Body.”

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  1. Chris

    Spent a couple of hours last night helping a friend with his PC/Windows junk, I think Marlon Brando’s famous last lines from Apocalypse Now fit quite well,”The horror….The horror….”

  2. Chris, haha, I can imagine, though you gotta admit that PCs are much easier to hack than Macs. Or maybe that’s just cause I’ve only been tempted to hack the system on a Mac once… while it’s always needed for a PC.

  3. Chris

    Yea, it’s not that Microsoft is worthless, to each his own, just make a leap Bill and use that giant cash pile to make your product look and feel like 2009! Probably just that inner arrogance we tend to quickly inherit, I openly cheer on Justin in those Get a Mac commercials, get’em-get’em!!

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