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On November

November was both dark and light, as I’m sure you can tell from the tonalities of the images. It just gets dark too soon, while the day is so bright.

How was your November? :)

On November

On November

On November

On November

On November

On November

On November

On November

On November

On November

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  1. ExpatInSaudi

    love the light on the face in the 2nd pic…
    God Bless your family.

  2. ExpatInSaudi

    Ohh I forgot to tell about my Nov. It my being my 2nd month in Jeddah KSA, I was finally beginning to settle in and adapt, but then it rained pitchforks and hammer handles. The entire city collapsed. I’m surprised that this major city has such a poor infrastructure. But the King,it seems,is determined to turn all the wrongs into rights this time.

  3. Chris

    Got yourself a Jordanian Leo DiCaprio there in the last pic, I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!

  4. where was the first pic ?

    Mars ;) ?

  5. ExpatInSaudi, thank you :) I love the light there too, the candles make everything look so warm. And what a way to start your life in Jeddah! Yalla enjoy it, there won’t be much water after that :P

    Chris, haha, well, it’s too bad it was too hazy that day for the backdrop to show, it was absolutely gorgeous. It’s on a mountain by the Dead Sea (google earth it, it’s called the dead sea panorama) and the view is so cool it’s almost freaky.

    Mesh, haha, you’re right. It does look like Mars! :) It’s actually in the Dead Sea, so close enough.

  6. June

    Lovely! A lot of faces this month. Social november i guess?

  7. Zeid ou za3tar

    November is one of my fav months of the year in Amman … acually oct/nov are beautiful there … it’s time when u need to wear winter clothes but yet u dont need a jacket or u can wear a jacket with a t shirt or shirt … that is something i enjoy … another thing is that the clouds formation in those months are breath taking … i used to sit outside and enjoy the clouds and the way the sun light before and during sunset hits them … the color of the sky during this time is amazing !
    the sun is very warm during the morning .. i used to go sit outside and eat oranges under the warm sun
    and there is my birthday that comes in nov
    but sadly i wasnt in amman this nov :( and i missed all of this !! but it was good here too

  8. zeid

    you know the name of the website “and far away” is very descriptive to my case lol … makes a lot of sense ! why did you name it like that anyway?

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