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That one extra hour

What did you do with the one magically extra hour that we had this weekend?

Personally, I spent it online :) I can’t believe that it was pitch black today by 5:00 PM. With the constant rain, it feels like it’s been a few months since last Friday.


Processed Stuff is the Best


On October


  1. Ali

    I spent it sleeping, LOL!

  2. Spraying out my new computer case to look something like this ( have same case model as video)

    my first paint job, hopefully won’t end screwing things up..

    the hour of the next week; i would be modding the rig by LED 140mm Fans

  3. Winny

    I spent it online as well, always nice to surf around looking for nothing! Btw, I went to the postoffice yesterday, so you’re cookies are on their way! :)

  4. Chris

    Daylight saving time,blaa.I know it’s not winter there yet,the new header just reminded me of the cold,dark,indoor life I’ll be living soon.

    Did you ever get your thunder?Love the thunder. ta-ta

  5. Jumana

    he getting dark early being accompanied by rain.. felt like winter decided to really make it official… I AM HERE!

  6. Ali, best way to spend it indeed :P

    Mesh, such a geek! :P I hope you didn’t end up screwing things up? :)

    Winny, yay, thanks! Looking forward to have them in my tummy :)

    Chris, yup, that is the entire point of that header :P I guess it’s not as bad here as where you are, cause we can still slightly sit outside (wearing a million layers though). We do get thunder, but not often :)

    Jumana, yeah I know. And the whole day gloom of friday made it easier to accept the time change :) but my god… it gets dark at 4:30! :(

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