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Processed Stuff is the Best

Just think about processed crab. Yummy, delicious processed crab.


Mlookheyeh Chmlookheyeh


That one extra hour


  1. zeid (ou za3tar)

    food again ! 3am btitwa77ame ?
    think about processed ma2lobet zahrah ou jaj

  2. Miss Meow


  3. Isam

    EKH !

  4. You mean imitation crab? It’s actually not real crab, it’s fish made to taste like crab. Still yummy though.

  5. Samer

    “if u are referring to the stuff in those Yummy California rolls, there is no Crab in that gum-like meat whatsoever. Its made from cooked and then squashed whole fish (with the bones), eggs, starch and a bit of seasoning – then have spray is with a bit of red food coloring…”

  6. Guys, that’s exactly the point… real crab is fantastic, but processed crab, regardlses of how it’s made,is just as good! :)

  7. mo

    lets hope it tastes better than it sounds o_0

  8. Craig

    Well, imitation crab isn’t bad! At least its real seafood! But as somebody who spent a big chunk of his childhood catching and eating Atlantic blue claw carbs, you’ll never get me to say it tastes as good!

    Roba, I remember you blogging about cheese! Do you think processed cheese is just as good as the real thing!? That stuff is mostly vegetable oil :(

  9. mo, try it out with kani salad. Yummmm….

    Craig, lol, you got me there. I actually don’t eat processed cheese because I don’t like yellow cheese :)

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