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Mlookheyeh Chmlookheyeh

Arabs have an uncanny ability to consider anything verbally-transmitted during card gatherings, family dinners, and coffee visits as scientifically correct.

How many times have you heard this phrase?

الملوخية عشبة خضراء لا تضر ولا تنفع

Personally, I’ve heard it many times, and again today, when someone mentioned that saying as scientific proof that not all that’s green is good.

I agree, of course, that not everything that’s green is good. Many green-colored vegetables are absolutely disgusting, such as cucumbers.  I usually avoid green-colored food because I do not find in them any culinary value for my sugar-obsessed taste buds.

But come on, taste-buds aside, an urban saying that regards leafy green plants as not even slightly beneficial in terms of nutrition is a saying I’m not likely to take with a grain of salt (for the smart asses: antinutrient levels are usually balanced when leaves are cooked).

So I did a little internet burrowing, and came across a research paper published in the Asian Journal of Plant Sciences called “Nutritional Analysis of the South African Wild Vegetable Corchorus olitorius L.

Corchorus olitorius is also known as jute, mallow, and of course, mlookheyeh. According to research, the article claims no significant nutritional differences between C. olitorius and spinach leaves.

They even have a cute little chart and all that compares nutritional values between Mlookhyeh, cabbage (malfoof), and spinach (sabanekh):

Okay. Point is, we really shouldn’t listen to Arab urban legends/sayings/myth when it comes to the nutritional value of food. Not only doesn’t apply with Mlookhyeh, it also applies to how what they tell you is really good for you is really just perfume (case in point: Mazaher, read rant here).

I’m not sure why I got so flustered about this :)


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Processed Stuff is the Best


  1. Isam

    I dont care about nutritional value ! Mloo5eye is one of my favorite meals ! And i very much like the arabic wikipedia page for mlo5eyyeh … complete with recipes. but Arabic wikipedia needs a whole different rant … meh

  2. Ghaida

    I don’t care even if Mlookheyeh had the nutritional value of recycled Starbucks napkins, I’d still eat it.

  3. Isam, well, now at least you know that one of your favorite meals is actually for good for you :P And yes, Arabic content online in general might one day give me a heart attack.

    Ghaida’a, that’s the funniest analogy I’ve heard in a while :)

  4. Isam, well, now at least you know that one of your favorite meals is actually for good for you :P And yes, Arabic content online in general might one day give me a heart attack.

    Ghaida’a, that’s the funniest analogy I’ve heard in a while :)

  5. Zeid (ou za3za3)

    if i had the choice of having mlukheyyeh or ma2loobeh i’ll probably go with mansaf … or ma2loobehet zahra ou jaj … i love mlokheyyeh though … and i used to call it mno5eyyeh when i was a kid … and mother makes fun of me because of that … mnnnooo5eyyeh

  6. Zeid (ou za3za3)

    the only reason why “mno5eyyeh” wont be my first choice because my mom always asks me 2afarrem el mno5eyeh for her …

  7. Zeid (ou za3za3)

    why dont my brother do that ?? or why didnt she give birth to girls as well as me and my brother so that she can tfarem mno5eyyeh …. did that sound sexist ? just for the record i beleive that guys should help in the kitchen and personally i like to cook and i’m good at making some dishes (and burgers if u remember) … but do i have always to 2afarrem mnnnno5eyyeh ? and through out the garbage?

  8. Zeid (ou za3za3)

    and buy bread???

  9. Zeid (ou za3za3)

    i love my mom … and i’m glad to help her …. and i miss helping her since i’m out of the country … just for the record …. I’m bored … it shows doesnt it ?!!!

  10. Zeid (ou za3za3)

    i love dad as well and my little brother …. your blog is starting to turn into my personal website !!! i like it :)

    not to stray from the subject … mno5eyyeh is greaaaaat !!!!!!

  11. Zeid (ou za3za3), sara7a, all these comments have really made me laugh out loud! :D And yes, your boredom does show :P Go ahead and do whatever you want though, I never thought of this space as that entertaining in times of extreme boredom, but I’m very happy to help! :)
    I’d take ma2loobet zahra over mlookhyeh any day myself

  12. zeid (ou za3za3)

    good that ur not mad min habalee … well i should thank you for letting me use your space to entertain myself in such cases!
    i mean my boredom is apparent from the name … its always zeid or zeid (ou za3tar) never zeid (ou za3za3) … what’s za3za3 anyway?

  13. zeid (ou za3za3), I figured that za3za3 is probably something you invented for “zaha2” :) It works, yeah?

  14. zeid (ou no more za3za3)

    lol ya za3za3 is zaha2 absolutly :) no more of that for tonight thats for sure …

  15. Manal

    Mlookhyeh is amazing!!! Loved it since I was 2 :)

  16. You’re such a geek.
    Deliciously so…

  17. Bardees

    Well I forgot what I wanted to say while reading Zeid ou Za3za3’s comments!! heheh, they were funny ;)

    oh ya I remember now : your post will absolutely make my mum’s day, the number one fan of mlokhieyeh coz she will prove dad wrong! he eats it only mojamaleh aal!

  18. Maxxed’ouT I always take being called a geek a compliment :)

    Bardees, good! I am glad that will be helpful for your mother! Many husbands do that to their wives!

  19. Bardees

    ya he keeps saying it’s 3shbeh!

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