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The best site to start today with


Click link. Give it a second. Enjoy.



RIP Geocities (and Hamsterdance)


Mlookheyeh Chmlookheyeh


  1. Bardees

    heheh Roba how fun! keep scrolling down guys ;)

  2. I’ve done a benchmark on this website (men el zaha2 mosh aktar) and it ended with the following results:

    1. Firefox : 2 mins 11 sec
    2. Internet Explorer : 2 mins 35 sec
    3. Google Chrome : 3 mins

    DSL Speed : 2 Mb, bandwidth wasn’t 100% clear so those values are not that accurate although I’ve done it 3 times and that was the average lol

    its remarkable to notice that Google Chrome when closing the window and reopening it, takes only 0.5 sec to load the cached page , FF took 1.85 sec, Internet explorer fetched the website again

    Google Chrome :
    Firefox 3.5.3
    IE : 8.0.6001

  3. Miss Meow

    why r they closing it again ?? o_O

  4. Chris

    Holy smokes,all that flashing is almost enough to give ya a seizure!

  5. Actually Roba the best site to start today with was yours, I loved the new design, it looks so …. don’t know how to put it, but I loved it :)

  6. Farah

    lol could this be more annoying!!?

  7. Rus

    [TA’s At Gju Blocked site category:questionable,profanity,computer hacking]
    **** public unis… Now I’m more curious to know what this site is about…

  8. Dana

    ween el link ???

  9. SC

    I hate under construction signs!

  10. Bardees, thank you for enjoying that! I think it’s only you and I who did :)

    Saifallah, no for real! No punking! Don’t you think that site is awesome?

    Mesh, 2of shu geek :P Ghareeb how slow Chrome is in loading it! Firefox RULES.

    Miss Meow, who, Geocities?

    Chris, haha, I know, that’s the best part :)

    Eman, thanks darling! :) Glad you like it!

    Farah, 7aram 3aleiki, it crosses annoying by soooo many leagues and becomes really funny!

    Rus, did you manage to check it out?

    SC, I know, which is why this site is super cool :)

  11. Miss Meow

    yupp .. the website .. Geocities … why has it been closed ??

  12. Miss Meow , cause it’s 10 terrabytes of data, and in the economic crisis world of today, it’s taking a lot of money to maintain :)

  13. Miss Meow

    oh! …………

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