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Captain Majed

Roba: Captain Majed is my all-time favorite cartoon, when I was a kid I wanted to marry him.

M: I wanted to marry Remi Bandali.

Roba: Whoa, look at how that turned out for us.

M: What do you mean?! I’m very much like Captain Majed. Shu, ’cause he has bigger eyes than mine?


Any childhood cartoon crushes?


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  1. Michael Jackson (pre plastic-surgery :D) and someone you’ve never heard of, David Cassidy of the Partridge Family (ask your mama :D)

  2. Yara Abu Laban

    Long John Silver in “Jazeerat Al Kanz” oh and Ala’ the captain of Al Numoor in “Al Haddaf” remmeber how cute he was! i think it is the BIG eyes!! ;))

  3. Bardees

    Roba I liked Captain Majed too and he was my first crush! then Captain Rabeh cz I liked the song then Arthur from Lady Lady heheheh

  4. Noura

    “mmm my love was Amin ele b rami el haddaf lol,,remember him ?”

  5. Mohammad

    Many. Actually all of them :P

  6. Mohammad

    Many. Actually all of them :P

  7. Miss Meow

    alot !! … but basically “Bassam” … in Captin Majid …
    I’ve Always Liked Bassam <3 <3 <3

  8. Wa3d

    Sa7eb al thel al taweel !
    daddy long legs <3

  9. mo

    not that i can recall o_0

    maybe jessica rabbit lol

  10. Well, there is catrine from captain rabih, sandy bell, and lady oscar ;)
    And like all the jordanian kids that time; there was aroub from the show w2t elfr7 !

  11. Lady Oscar… I didn’t have a crush on her per say, I wanted to BE HER.

  12. Reem

    “Mine were Silvester in Treasure Island, Ali Baba in Sindebad and the best friend of Grendizer”

  13. 7aki fadi… I have to warn you that I think lady oscar was gay, bas ba7ottesh bi thimti

  14. (speed reading trips me up again. ‘Cartoon characters’, you said. Perhaps one of my choices would fit, although it is not kind to speak so of the deceased :S)

  15. Ziad d

    Mine were Lina from adnan wa lina (future boy Conan was the Japanese title) and Zea from Al ahlam al thahabieyah (a French Japanese collaboration named the mysterious cities of gold.) :)

  16. Ziad d

    Reem I think you were referring to Koji kabuto in grendizer. :)

  17. zeid (ou za3tar)

    First of all that’s a very nice subject lol … just at the right time (i’m homesick :( ) … so this brought good memories (thanks Roba) (and i have to say thanks to youtube since you can find any cartoon you want there)
    As for my crush … Hiba from alshoj3an al thalatha hahaha … i think she was my first crush :) :)
    isnt she a cuteee hehehe (my heart is beating so fast hahaha)

  18. me again (zeid OU za3tar
    look at that … :)
    now i cant sleep daaamn haha

  19. +1 zeid ou za3tar

    Rasha from Spank
    (ya that al sha3r al 3oshbey)

    there were a Russian cartoon Mdablaj (The Snow Queen 1957) youtube it, the boy in the movie called : Kay, his girl (neighbor) also , had a crush on her when i was 4 :P

  20. Dima

    I loved Captiain Majed, but my crush was with the goal keeper; Ameen, I think :)

  21. Kinzi, no that counts :) Musa’s childhood crush, Remi Bandali, is a real person too :)

    Yara, I never liked Al-Haddaf :( Bas I liked the fat guy… what was his name? He was so funny.

    Bardees, ma bazon ba3ref meen Captain Rabeh :/ Bas yeah, Lady Lady was soo cool. But Arthur was too blonde… and there was so much nakad!

    Noura, afraid not :) I never watched Al-Haddaf.

    Mohammad, good enough ;)

    Miss Meow, I admit that Bassam might be a little hotter than Captain Majed. But Majed had this charm…..

    Wa3d, I thought we never saw who he was…? No..? Mixing up my cartoons?

    Mo, how can you not recall!

    Mohammad, since I didn’t grow up in Jordan, the first time I heard of Aroub was when she was running for parliament. I guess she was counting on the people who were kids when she was cool :)

    7aki, hahaha, Hareega’s comment IS SO FUNNY.

    Reem, yeah the best friend of Grendizer definitely had much more charisma!

    Hareega, you cracked me up so hard! :D

    Ziad D, Al-Ahlam il Thahabeyah was an AWESOME cartoon. It was so complex and so smart (well, I haven’t watched in 15 years so maybe it isn’t in today’s standards). I think it was my first love for Sci-fi. Btw, I decided that whenever we have kids, I’m not gonna make them watch all these animes in mdablaj. We would have all known how to speak Japanese if we weren’t subjected to terrible translation!

    Zeid (ou za3tar), I never watched that show! Even the song doesn’t sound vaguely familiar. She is hot though ;)

    Mesh, do you have a digg account? I don’t have any friends on digg :( and ok, your taste in cartoons is not cliche enough for me to know what you’re talking about :P

    Dima, yeah! Ameen is hot. Both goalkeepers in the show are hot. It made me feel better when my brothers forced me to play goalkeeper with them due to my lack of skill :)

  22. Mine was the lover of Marie Antoinette in Lady Oscar (I forgot his name, but he was soooo handsome!), and yes I wanted to be lady Oscar, and sometimes I wished to be like Adnan in Adnan wa Lina (Adnan was my nickname in 4th Grade :-) )

  23. Roobs the fat guy was called Zarzour, I think :) he was so funny.

    I didn’t know my cartoon crush was a popular crush – captain Amin from Al-Haddaf.
    Remember captain Rabe7… I totally disliked rabe7 himself, but I liked the guy who ended up leading the opponents’ team in the final episode. I still remember watching those last episodes at the Haya Cultural Center during summer break. The TV room would get so crowded when the show started, and the guys in front of me would be so shocked because I didn’t support Rabe7’s team and cheered for the other :)

  24. Posts about cartoons bring back too many memories :)

  25. Yasmin, Adnan was kind of ewwy :( I hated the whole toe thing…. Don’t remember the Lady Oscar hero :)

    Lina, yeah, Zarzour! He was so funny. I still can’t get myself to remember Captain Rabeh, but I do remember Markaz Haya. It was such a cool place when we were kids…. The planetarium was awesome. Is it still there?

  26. Wa3d

    remember her friend ?! the rich blonde one ? Daddy long legs is her uncle ! =D

  27. HAHHAHA Hareega. I still like to be her :-P .

    Reem: OMG how did I forget Silverster????? He’s pretty hot. And Ali baba too, I guess it’s the bad boy appeal . hehehehe.

  28. Bardees

    LOL! Lina you liked the guy from the opponent’s team in Rabe7? ya I remember he was all tanned right and wears black?! he was cute whoever he was,(I ‘m too lazy now to look him up)
    why can’t I tell the difference between alhaddaf and majed :( I thought majed is alhaddaf bs keber! hehhehe

  29. Lina H

    aah rania! i had my eyes on Julian for a for a while! but my main crush was cezar in captain rabeh :)

    never liked captain majed though

  30. Bardees, ahhh, I had no idea! I don’t think I ever managed to finish that show :)

    Bardees, hehe, 7aram 3aleiki, Al-Haddaf looks sooo different from Captain Majed!
    I definitely liked Captain Majed part 2, when they were all order.

    Rania and Lina H, I think that that the pro-AlHaddaf attitude is a Ammani thing. In Riyadh, no one watched Al-Haddaf :) I don’t remember Captain Rabeh…

  31. Rania

    I can’t remember exactly why, at home, we all loved Al Haddaf and hated Captain Majed. I agree with Lina about the drawing. And there was also the fact that it was too violent and they never lost a game! I had a later crush- Julian from Captain Rabeh:)

  32. Biesan

    My crush was Alaa from Alhadaf. The goal keeper from the enemy team:)

  33. Well… wait to find out that my problem wasnt to fall in love with any cartoon character na …. it was me scared from the CLOWN when ever its live on al MANAHEL …. ya, when ever its on am scared to deth lol ….

    But yeh i adored SALI … wanted to marry her ……

  34. My hero was also ‘Alaa’ from Al Haddaf, and also ‘Raad’ from captain Majid.

    Though i am a Pakistani, but my earlier childhood was spent in MidEast

  35. @ Rami

    ‘But yeh i adored SALI … wanted to marry her ……’

    lolz hahahaha….but i wonder why they made such sad cartoons…

  36. Al haddaf was best…majid was also

    Captain Rabih had better Graphics, and also each player- Rabih, Sizaar etc had a ‘particular shot’.

    But their story was not good – in every match Rabih was 2 -0 down, and at the end of the match they managed to make it 2 – 3. ..And Rabih was a superman, never lost

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