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Office Conversations Over Breakfast: On Justifying Text

L: “First of all, you end up with unsightly rivers streaming through the text, and that doesn’t look very nice, does it?

Second of all, it’s not legible as it’s hard for your eyes to stay on track with the reading because there isn’t an anchor to hang on to. I’m constantly losing the line because books these days are always justified.

Third of all, when you justify text, the software goes ahead and adds random and completely unsystematic spaces between letters and words, and type designers spend months perfecting these details.

Fourthly and finally, justified text is UGLY. Why can’t regular people appreciate rags? Beautiful, rhythmic rags?

And that’s why YOU SHOULD NEVER justify text.”

Picture 1
(Disclaimer: That’s not Lina)

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Captain Majed


  1. Very cute. El 3atal loves justified text and I love unjustified. I agree with the river (or even waves in the ocean) visual of it. But, justifying gives those OCD folks among us the appearance (not reality of course) of control ;).

  2. MommaBean, you go girl! we should all rid the world of justified text, starting close at home. good point about control though :)

  3. I love justified text. It just looks better that way.

  4. Margherita

    I somehow feel personally involved in this post!!

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