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Awesomeness: Real Time Social Media in your face

Coolest “infograph” I’ve seen in a while. Baby, social media is ON FIRE.


AndTweetAway: Sorry, that was too long.


Office Conversations Over Breakfast: On Justifying Text


  1. Publius

    Here’s the original URL, for people who care about things like rewarding individual effort, giving credit where it’s due, and respecting intellectual property even if not legally required:

  2. Publius, obviously. Gary has his name, twitter account, AND link embedded at the bottom of the flash component. Amazing that you bother to point fingers and accusations and not bother to look through the component discussed!

  3. about just ten years ago none of the above was possible, I wonder what people used to do if they weren’t doing any of the above??? hmm… go out and have a life or pick up the phone and call each other??

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