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And they do it again.

Disney + magic + technology + sci fi + Steve Jobs + a forbidden apple + plasticness + multi-touch + Jonathan Ive= Magic Mouse.





AndTweetAway: Sorry, that was too long.


  1. While it looks so beautiful that it could make me faint, my laptop touchpad does all this in a similar way – well, except maybe the 360° scrolling…

  2. /copy
    cp -r “maybe”

    whom copies who this time ?

    i know i know, Microsoft’s ones are not yet polished, the Grips are not that much of comfort..

  3. Isam

    “omg … right-click AND scrolling ??? who can handle such advanced technologies ? and for $70 ?

    Apple lazem eto5 7alha apple ma ana ato5 7ali :\”

  4. I love Apple, hate Microsoft & Windows, but prefer Linux since it’s OpenSource .

    Way to go Apple!

  5. Craig

    I’m still regretting the $100 I spent on this damn force-feedback joystick that I’ve had stuffed behind my monitor for years! Don’t need any more boat anchors! You youngins who don’t know any better keep buying that stuff though! That’s my paycheck we’re talkin about here! Newer is always better and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

  6. yasmin Hamied, yeah my laptop does too. But desktops don’t have track pads :)

    Mesh, sometimes it’s about design as well ;) And good PR.

    Isam, hahaha. Jad.

    Saifallah, good point :) But Linux users love using Apple machines no?

    Craig, lol, never is not always better! Some things are absolutely useless, but the mutlitouch apple trackpad is soooo useful! I’m guessing this will be too.

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