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Spotted today

Today I saw a Claw Plush Toy Catcher outside H&H Shmeisani. Instead of having plush toys, as the name should suggest, it had old battered Nokia phones, remote controls, and best of all, cigarette packs.

Yes, Gold Coast cigarette packs.

I wish I had my camera.


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Super Mo7taram The Creative Director


  1. Jumana

    i think there is a big possibility it would stay there for you to get ur camera next time :) hehe…

  2. mo

    ur phone doesnt have a camera

  3. Mo, it does, but I guess I never think to use it! Phone cameras are not really cameras :(

  4. I took a picture of the same type of machine with my camera phone out at Global Village once. It came out blurry because it was night time, but I wish it would have been clear.

  5. mo

    yeah well you’re not exactly taking a picture of the sun as it sets over the ocean know what i mean :)

  6. Hehe, you’re right of course, but I guess my brain just isn’t wired to think of my phone as something that I can take pictures with. My camera hasn’t left my bag in over six years. That day I didn’t have a bag :)

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