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Breaking Stereotypes- the Jad Choueiri Way

This song is the funniest shit ever.

I love the disclaimer in the beginning “Every individual that has participated in the following video is an Arab.” Wow.
Really funny. Wonder if it manages to break stereotypes anywhere.

Hattip: Milk and Melon

Weibdeh’s Art Reiessance: An Evening of “Exhibition-Hopping”

Tuesday. 6:00 o’clock. Syntax office, Wadi Saqra.

Exhibition Amman

It is 6:00 o’clock and the weather sucks. It feels like I am back in dusty, hot Riyadh again: standing next to an open oven. In April in Amman. I get in the car, comfortably parked for once right outside the building, and we drive to Darat Al-Funun in the mountain across in Weibdeh. Beautiful Weibdeh, even more beautiful to me than Jabal Amman.

In Darat Al-Funun, there are three exhibits opening in the same exact hour, in its three different “levels”.

Exhibition Amman

Level -1, as I’d like to think of it, an eccentric graphic art mixed media show by Blouzaat, entitled “Expired”. It is the “artists’ definition of the dying infant world of today.” Imported vomit. Naturalizing capitalism. Dying new world. Pretty strong shit, and very different from what you’d see usually.

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

That’s what I like best about Blouzaat. It’s just different, and different is good.

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Level GF, an exhibition exploring the inherited Palestinian narrative by Ala’ Younis. Sewing machines, videos, a room with a view of Jerusalem. I really liked the Jerusalem piece, except that I only realized that it wasn’t Amman after I left the room and was told that the sign outside says Jerusalem :)

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Level 1, the Blue Room, had a surprisingly interesting installation as the launch of Aramram, a local online tv. I expected the “launch” to be a bunch of people sitting with microphones and announcing it, or perhaps one screen showing a launch movie or something. I was pretty pleased though to see that a lot of effort went into a pretty cool installation, with an awesome belt of typography done by my colleague Hussein.

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

After we spend a couple of hours looking at the three Darat Al-Funun exhibitions, we walk to Makan down the street to attend their opening of an exhibition called “A Photographic Conversation from Burj Al-Shamali Camp”. I really enjoyed the photographs. There’s something really beautiful about them, and really haunting.

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman
Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Finally, we walk back to Darat Al-Funun where there’s a live music concert in the ancient ruins of the Byzantine church of the Dara for the launch of Aramram with Yazan Rousan, Hamza Araanout, Yacoub Abu Ghosh, Tarik Abu Qweik, and another guitarist I am not familiar with. The crowd of 200+ were really going wild, sitting and standing in every possible place in the garden.

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman

Exhibition Amman
(with Sagheer, one of my favorite people ever)

Exhibition Amman Exhibition Amman

Then as we leave, it starts to rain. And the dust is washed away. A sign? Not that I believe in signs.

Open eyes. Wednesday. 9:30. Home, Shmeisani.

The sky is blue again. Both inside and out. At least, for myself.

Pleasant surprises

There’s always something so pleasant about a pleasant surprise. In the sense that, you were not expecting anything at all, and then BOOM. There’s something.

I try my best to cut down the YouTube clips I watch each week, and if you are like me, make this one the one you watch.

Sometimes, you don’t need a Photoshop filter

Hack your body (or your eyesight in particular), to instantly wrap the world around you in a way similar to Photoshop’s filters.

1. Stare at the image for 10 seconds
2. Look at something — your hand, a book, your friend

3. Enjoy!

Via TED Blog & Boing Boing

Happy and Hungry.

Beautiful, geeky cupcakes make me super happy. Instantly. I need to print these images out and put them in the see-through flap of my wallet.

GIant Monkey Cupcake

Butterfly Cupcake...
I am half a second away from deciding to ditch my career and spend the rest of my life happily making beautiful cupcakes.

The Sweet Tooth Dream

I found this article just now and it couldn’t have come at a better time: I am half a minute away from grabbing a chocolate bar from the kitchen and I am trying to cut down a few kilos.

The article: Scientists create chocoholic dream: all the taste with none of the calories.

A new inhaler – dubbed Le Whif – has been developed by scientists, allowing chocoholics to enjoy all the treats they can handle for zero calories.

Scientists create chocoholic dream: all the taste with none of the calories

It’s a little funny, I think. I am not sure if it will satisfy cravings though, as to me, chocolate craving is also about unwrapping, the biting, and the melting.

When are they going to create 0 calorie real chocolate, just like diet soft drinks?

This whiffer thing is still worth a try though, I think. What do you think?

The Story of Amman

I guess I’m very late to the party as this is the first time I hear Aziz Maraqa’s “The Story of Amman”. It’s pretty good though, and it’s worth a listen, though this fan-video is horrendous (no bias towards the fact that 1/2 of these photographs are off my flickr stream).

[via Jad’s Thoughts]

Converse 100th Anniversary Pack


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canvas all star basketball shoes, converse have produced a limited edition of 1000 books containing a pair of shoes. using the theme of ’star’, the book details the history of the canvas all star brand and features interviews by 100 of today’s biggest stars. also, in an effort to support the young creative people of the world, converse have chosen 100 people and put them together with the famous actors, comedians, stylists, photographers, art directors etc who inspire them to pursue the same career. the shoes have been made especially for this project and come in white, black and red, and in two sizes, 24cm and 27cm”

Via The Dieline

Really cool, right? I want one :(

Perhaps Mansaf is the wrong culture that I was born into…

Now, don’t get me wrong, mansaf is one of my favorite tests ever.

But honestly, I am impractical enough to choose eating with my eyes, rather than with my tongue. Maybe I was born in the wrong part of the world, maybe I should have been born in Japan…

For those interested in my no-healthy-shit diet, you know, if you fix my food for me like that, I might even start eating GREENS.

Bento kits:

Xmas !!! by nonochan.

Tour Eiffel Snack Bento by Sakurako Kitsa.
Garden bento, closeup by Sakurako Kitsa.

Noah's Bento by pikkopots.

spa bento by Sakurako Kitsa.

mock lobster 3 by Sakurako Kitsa.

sardine bento(u) by chotda.

obent-ode to my favorite drink :( by Sakurako Kitsa.

Tarepanda bento by nonochan.

Tiger bento by luckysundae.

three pigs bento box by luckysundae.

Hello kitty & panda bento by luckysundae.

The best Flickr Bento-master is user Kitsa Sakurako.

The Coolest Dress Ever

Most people who read my blog seem to think that I am fashion-conscious, which I am not. My sense of fashion usually revolves around comfort, which is not exactly a very trend thing.

But here’s a really cool dress. But maybe I think it’s cool because it’s not very trendy, but it is a damn brilliant idea.

Get this: someone called Berber Soepboer designed these dresses that can be worn i different ways. The first dress is a beautifully patterned white-and-black piece, that can be customized with colors that you just color in. I’d love that because systematic filling is the most SOOTHING thing in the world.

The second dress, which is just as awesome conceptually but no so aesthetically, is a set of three dresses that can be taken apart and combined with buttons.

Awesome, eh?

But dude, the cut is horrible. Rule of thumb: a dress that makes models and mannequins look fat will certainly make the rest of us look like shit.

do it yourself dress

via Yatzer

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