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Event Notice: Formless by Yasmeen Ayyashi

My very good friend Yasmeen Ayyashi is transforming
an abandoned factory to an awesome art installation. You’ve met Yasmeen several times,  and you know that when I say awesome I really do mean awesome :)

The exhibition is opening this Wednesday, at 7:00 PM, in the
abandoned factory (map included). I’ll see you there, and please spread
the word!

For more information, check out the Facebook event group, also called Formless.

Here’s a little video of how to get to the factory:


Breaking Stereotypes- the Jad Choueiri Way


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  1. 3am bet2albo mawaje3 allah eysame7kom :(

    bluefig – jeser- new road- da7yet el yasmeen jeser- wo kaman the finished that bridge after it..

    it was were i wubble around amman :'(

    i’ll tell you the secret of one of the best hill to view amman from..

    Rabwet Abdoun : after you finish that tloo3 ( in the video 0:25) you go on the U turn where the police station located, after that take the first right its a tal3a too. go straight till you reach diwan 2al al 7aj m7ammad..

    go there at night, you’ll see amman from 1st circle to the 7th,

    7ases 7ali ba7ki game hint or walk through looool

    i would love to come by formless yasmeen, but am 2K KM away..

  2. Anonymous

    is it a Mazda 3 ???

  3. y

    yes it is :)

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