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The worth of a Fels

– “Kol il keys ili 3al keyboard ra7u 3al nar ma 3ada wa7ed, leish?”

– “Leish?”

-“3ashano tab.”




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  1. hahahahaha u made my day :D

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA . nokteh zinkhaaaaaaaaaaaaa but HAHAHAHAHA.

    knock knock
    who’s there?
    woo who?
    don’t get too excited it’s just a joke!

  3. yaseen

    leish el keyboard bet3ab?

    3ashan 3endo shiftein -_-

  4. good you removed the control buss thingy i laughed at #1 and was like baha baha baha on #2

    shifteen iz nice one ;)

  5. Bardees

    hehehehe good ones!!

  6. Bardees

    kteeer 7elweh ta3et knock knock :D

  7. That is not a joke, it is an insult from the mouth of a hypocrite. Matters relating to heaven and hell are not a joke, and certainly not ones to be joked about by a stuck up person such as youself.

  8. drake

    you should have put the whole the set but since someone put the sheiften i think i should put the final piece:
    “why doesn’t the keyboard go to war?”
    “it doesn’t have an F16”

  9. ziad d

    Funny! :)
    Off topic: Sorry for nitpicking Roba but your tight-rope, walking avatar seems to have a severely thinner and longer right leg than left leg. Too tough to maintain balance with such a defect :) ~sorry for the lame joke.

  10. 7aki, I didn’t get it :(

    Yaseen, that’s really funny! Did you just make that up or is this joke (that my brother told me by the way) the same as mara wa7ed tweel tweel tjawaz wa7deh….

    Ziad, hehe, tayeb, thanks for the heads up :) I often do not notice such detail (I am terrible with details, which sucks for a designer!) I’ll try to fix it as soon as I have some time.

  11. I guess it fits on Earth day that we would get a lot of dabish.

  12. khalid jarrar

    haha funny jokes :)

    Roba, 7aki’s joke is about you saying woo who? and that sounds like if you were saying WOOHOOOO! , you know? :) super excited voice y3ni :)

  13. HAHAHAHAHA does your brother have more jokes?

    I needed to laugh today!

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