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Dude, I have just discovered diet Miranda. My life has changed.

I’ve been waiting for that to come to life for the past 15 years. I have always really loved Miranda, but since I drink very large amounts of pop, I know I will become as fat as a Coke bottle if I revert to something with real sugar.

So I avoid the 250 calories of Miranda. Although I love it.

My discovery came through advertising. I’m sure everyone has seen the H2Oh! ads painting the town green and orange: they’re everywhere! In grocery stores, in the streets, in magazines, I haven’t seen such an elaborate campaign for foodstuff since Sukar Nader.

Being an avid Pepsi fan, my brother himself offered me a sip from the only bottle of lime-flavoured H2Oh!. I didn’t really like it, it tasted too much like 7-Up and I really hate 7-Up. Then when we went grocery shopping a few days later, I noticed that they have another flavour, tangerine. Although I am not usually such a huge fan of orange flavored stuff, I decided to try it anyway.

And lo, and behold, it turned out to be improved Miranda. Half the taste with no calories and less soda, I am in love. I guess I am going to say adieu for boring icky water for good.


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  1. Good that u liked it, but there is a warning on the back of the bottle! It is for the kids, but I can not see how different we are from kids!

    But to say the truth, it is tasty and as I say, food is either delicious or healthy =)

  2. Anonymous #1

    Your posts just keep getting worse and worse. Your fat even if you stopped eating for a month, so face it! And besides it’s just flavored water. And fresh water is still better than anything else you health freak who doesn’t actually know anything about health and diet and things. And haven’t u thought about giving posting something useful a try? gees!!
    And by the way, your anti-spam words are really stupid

  3. hbt

    Tab malha el Diet Orange Fanta ? it’s as good as Miranda

  4. will the main problem that its contains aspertum (substitution of sugar), which could result in athrosclerosis, leading finally to heart attack

  5. I ‘weighed in’ on the subject a few days after you. Mine is a ‘comparative analysis’ :-)

    And by the way.. your post shows on on the first page of the google search results for H2Oh!


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