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Tis the season for green almonds
(image from Flickr- LindsayStark)

The first few weeks of April bring an almost sickening dose of fresh green almonds. Usually, this huge dose works pretty well, as they aren’t available during the rest of the year, and so you don’t start craving them again tell, hey, it’s next April.

The street cobblers selling them out of their carriages are suddenly all over town. Grocery stores and mini-markets alike sell them in all sizes and shapes. Every house in town is happily biting away at the sour fruit.

The really special thing about green almonds though is that they pave the way for the rest of summer street vegetable and fruit life. Next comes the garanek, then the cherry, then the hamleh, then the saber, and of course, the watermelons.

Hello summer.


Never-ending debate in my head




  1. Revelation

    mmmm….look tasty…. hope they sold them in UK or Europe….. tough luck i guess

  2. I’m pretty I’m Arab, and I think living in the UAE for 20 years has given me a pretty good grasp on the Arabic language…Yet the only fruits I recognize among the ones you’ve listed are the ones in English.

    Garanek? Hamleh? SABER?

    A little enlightenment would be much appreciated.

  3. yummy…although I lived in Amman for 4 years I am kinda like Talal
    I don’t know whats Garanek and Hamleh…

  4. Lol, sorry guys, can’t help you with the translations. I spent a good hour looking for what garanek is in English with absolutely no luck. It’s small (ping ball size), very bright green, and the sourest thing you can eat.
    Hamleh is fresh chickpeas, eaten right out of their soft shells. Saber is some sort of cactus fruit. Best I could do to help :)

  5. Thanks Roba, I think I know what garanek, its like really small sour apple that some people add salt to them and eat them…I think I have seen them around here in the asian store, next time I am there I will check what they are called,haha

  6. Saber= prickly pears :D

  7. Bardees

    yaaay,so o happy spring is here and summer is on the way :) love April!

  8. we used to collect it from trees in Nablus after we leave from school along the way home ..

    and i remember my mom used to make small rabbits out of almond .. a7la eshi fehom deneehom..

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. OK so I know what garanek are, I just never knew they were called garanek. And saber I know as teen shoki (تين شوكي)–that’s what they call it in Egypt, which is the only place I’ve seen it in.

    Hamleh, I still have no idea.

    Man, they should revoke my Palestinian Fake Passport. In all fairness, I blame my ignorance on the strong Egyptian influence in my family and the fact that I grew up in the UAE. And going to a private school. DAMN YOU, PRIVATE SCHOOL.

  10. alright I know what garanek is called in English now,lol
    its called Sour Green Plums

  11. I just found out today what garanek is called in English,lol
    its called Sour Green Plums

  12. I just discovered green almonds for the first time in Canada this April! Loving it!

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