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Never-ending debate in my head

I really can’t decide which sucks more- going to bed at night or waking up in the morning.


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  1. my never-ending debate is which sucks more, going to bed in the morning or waking up at night

  2. Abu

    Cardio Vascular Excersize!!

    Or a sport like Racquet Ball or Squash.

    You will sleep like a baby

  3. my never ending debate is not being able to sleep until 1:00am because of the stupid subject in my head or waking up becuase of the stupid subject decides to surface at 4:00 am.

  4. Roger

    Waking up in the morning sucks badly, going to bed anytime is good.

  5. waking up in the morning hands down. Sleeping at night after a long tiring day is sooooooooo relaxing

  6. Hisham

    depends on how sleepy you are, and what time you go to bed.

  7. Razab

    going to bed for me!

  8. Heba

    i vote for waking up !! lol

  9. going to be sucks more, because you know after a couple of hours ,your gonna wakeup !

  10. I would never even compare the two! I hate waking up in the morning but I love going to bed at night! ma a7laaaaaaaa!

  11. Its funny how many people are talking about sleep these days!
    and waking up is the worst! s

  12. Anonymous #1

    That’s was a really stupid post…adding to that it’s barely one line long, don’t you have sympathy for those who wake up at 4 in the morning and come back at 12 in the night just to feed their families and work 2 jobs
    Seriously, just cuz ur a lazy spoilt person who never knew what it feels like to actually have to wake up early in the morning to go to work in order to live for another day, it doesn’t mean that peopel don’t suffer from that
    and besides, you post is really dumb. A better post would be : Which post is dumber – This one or the one before it?

  13. Waking up in the morning for sure, sleeping is always good.

    I need some sleep :(

  14. Bardees

    waking up in the morning is much harder for me, falling asleep is too easy

  15. Agree with Manal wrt cardio. I think waking up sucks more because I\’m always enjoying some awesome, insane dream and suddenly *boom* Bach starts playing on the mobile, the cats are jumping down on my head and demanding food and love and attention, and I am no longer a caped crusader or a starship captain.

  16. I hate sleeping, I feel like its giving up on the day, like I quit I can’t handle you day any longer, I’ll sleep now. But I do love waking up in the morning, its like hey day, ready to tackle new challenges :D

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