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Reminder: Formless is today!

Quick reminder that Y’s exhbition starts today at 7:00, although of course you can come after 7:00. For more details, check here.

Eggshell Art

Being the self-confessed klutz that I am, I cannot imagine for the life of me how such art could be accomplished. I will probably break these eggs by just looking at them.

But I guess Franc Gorm is doesn’t suffer from the same klutizness. He works with plain old boring eggshells with a driller and a thousand holes to create this beautiful kind of art.

Why is there such unequal distribution of talent in the world? Here’s this guy who can do such a meticulous job while I can’t even glue two papers together straight.

Artist Frank Grom Drills Thousands Of Holes In Eggshells To Create These Delicate Works Of Art!

Artist Frank Grom Drills Thousands Of Holes In Eggshells To Create These Delicate Works Of Art!

Artist Frank Grom Drills Thousands Of Holes In Eggshells To Create These Delicate Works Of Art!
Artist Frank Grom Drills Thousands Of Holes In Eggshells To Create These Delicate Works Of Art!

Artist Frank Grom Drills Thousands Of Holes In Eggshells To Create These Delicate Works Of Art!

via robot nine

Event Notice: Formless by Yasmeen Ayyashi

My very good friend Yasmeen Ayyashi is transforming
an abandoned factory to an awesome art installation. You’ve met Yasmeen several times,  and you know that when I say awesome I really do mean awesome :)

The exhibition is opening this Wednesday, at 7:00 PM, in the
abandoned factory (map included). I’ll see you there, and please spread
the word!

For more information, check out the Facebook event group, also called Formless.

Here’s a little video of how to get to the factory:

Make the Logo Bigger Ballad

If you are a designer, you are going to really get a kick out of this video. Fast forward to the last few minutes.

Ideological Search from Yahoo!

Now you can search the net according to your political ideology. It’s pretty funny for an experiment.

For example, some search results of the word “God”:


  1. Einstein Letter: Belief In God “Childish,” Jews Not Chosen People

    Einstein Letter: Belief In God “Childish,” Jews Not Chosen People – The Huffington Post Einstein described belief in God as “childish superstition” and

  2. John DeBellis: The Separation of Church and God

    The Separation of Church and God – The Huffington Post The belief in God, a supreme being, an all knowing deity, universal mind, or an

  3. OpEdNews ” God One, Darwin Zero

    The latest chapter in this struggle pits God against Darwin in the newly opened and lavishly adorned ‘Creation Museum’ in Petersburg Kentucky. The museum shows how


  1. Explaining the Foundations of the Universe

    “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. CONSUMMATION: God promises in Scripture to do away with the corruption of man by

  2. Franklin Graham Decries Katrina Response

    I want them to know that God loves them and that Jesus Christ died for their There is no other way to God unless it is through Jesus Christ because Jesus

  3. Governor Palin speech at Wasilla Assembly of God

    This video was taken from the Wasilla Assembly of God Church in Wasilla, Alaska. KEYWORDS: god; mccainpalin; palin; palinandgod; religion; But God knew.

Funny. Try it out for yourself.

The worth of a Fels

– “Kol il keys ili 3al keyboard ra7u 3al nar ma 3ada wa7ed, leish?”

– “Leish?”

-“3ashano tab.”


Dude, I have just discovered diet Miranda. My life has changed.

I’ve been waiting for that to come to life for the past 15 years. I have always really loved Miranda, but since I drink very large amounts of pop, I know I will become as fat as a Coke bottle if I revert to something with real sugar.

So I avoid the 250 calories of Miranda. Although I love it.

My discovery came through advertising. I’m sure everyone has seen the H2Oh! ads painting the town green and orange: they’re everywhere! In grocery stores, in the streets, in magazines, I haven’t seen such an elaborate campaign for foodstuff since Sukar Nader.

Being an avid Pepsi fan, my brother himself offered me a sip from the only bottle of lime-flavoured H2Oh!. I didn’t really like it, it tasted too much like 7-Up and I really hate 7-Up. Then when we went grocery shopping a few days later, I noticed that they have another flavour, tangerine. Although I am not usually such a huge fan of orange flavored stuff, I decided to try it anyway.

And lo, and behold, it turned out to be improved Miranda. Half the taste with no calories and less soda, I am in love. I guess I am going to say adieu for boring icky water for good.

Tis the season for green almonds
(image from Flickr- LindsayStark)

The first few weeks of April bring an almost sickening dose of fresh green almonds. Usually, this huge dose works pretty well, as they aren’t available during the rest of the year, and so you don’t start craving them again tell, hey, it’s next April.

The street cobblers selling them out of their carriages are suddenly all over town. Grocery stores and mini-markets alike sell them in all sizes and shapes. Every house in town is happily biting away at the sour fruit.

The really special thing about green almonds though is that they pave the way for the rest of summer street vegetable and fruit life. Next comes the garanek, then the cherry, then the hamleh, then the saber, and of course, the watermelons.

Hello summer.

Never-ending debate in my head

I really can’t decide which sucks more- going to bed at night or waking up in the morning.

The Last Supper

Everyone’s favorite composition. But aside from “The Last Supper” versions created by Da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Salvadore Dali, and many other A-list artists, here’s a fantastic list of the famed composition in contemporary pop-culture.

My top 10 Last Supper pop culture items:

1. The Simpsons

One of my favorite ever shows. The screenshot is a capture from the end of Thank God It’s Doomsday. They look really drunk.


2. The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Must love this one. Perfect pun on perfect subject, complete with pirate people. So funny.

3. Popeyes

I am just sticking this one in cause I used to love that show as a kid. Now, I think its stupid.

4. Icons

Cartoonist Gerard Alsteens created this Last Supper for Oxfam’s Dutch Fair Trade campaign. I think it’s really funny because of Che Guvera. Poor Che. The ultimate symbol of mindless consumerism.
Other people in the painting: Bart Simpson, ET, Tintin (as Judas), Mickey Mouse, Che Guevara, Pope Benedictus, Spider-man, Charlie Chaplin, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela.

5. Disney vs. Warner Bros.

You cannot say that this is the funniest shit ever. I definitely prefer Disney.

6. Casino

I just like this one cause I think its characters are really creative.

7. Viva Andy Warhol

Okay, it’s a bit ugly, but hey, it’s Andy Warhol, and you know I love that guy.

8. South Park

9. Super Smash Brothers

My favorite characters ever! Look at Mario, he’s so friggin cute.

10. Dilbert

I’m just sticking this one in for Phil.

11. House the Atheist

One of my favorite shows, and it’s pretty well done without being too straight up in the face. Really cool.

12. The Most Prized Objects

The iPod, the iPhone. Very suitable. I think they should have had a Zune as Judas.

13. Lego

14. R’N’B

David LaChapelle’s Last Supper, as a part of his “Jesus is my Homeboy” series. It looks awesome!

15. Star Wars

And here’s my own addition to the list:


For a more conclusive list of Last Supper imagery, check out this awesome blog post on Popped Culture .

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