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Month: December 2008

Lending Shelf: All My Friends Are Superheroes


Although “All My Friends Are Superheroes” by Andrew Kaufman will not take more than 30-minutes to read, the joy of reading it will stay with you for days after you put it away.

A beautiful book by all standards, it makes you think about the weakness that makes you special. We spent days at the office trying to figure out our super powers are after passing this book around. I think if I was a superhero, I’d be the Googler. “Google it, you idiot.”
An excerpt from the book: “Tom’s second superhero girlfriend was TV Girl. As a child, TV Girl loved television. She could empathize with the people on television in ways she couldn’t with real-life people. She watched so much television, caring so much about the people she watched, that her connection with television became biological. She started crying televisions. When TV Girl was sad, little television sets would flow down her face.”

As I’ve written posts that are longer than the entire book, don’t expect character development beyond a paragraph each. Expect crisp language, little insights into characters that make you want to beg for more (but you know you ain’t getting more), and a lot of laughing outloud. Short and sweet. And highly recommended.

Have anyone read “All My Friends Are Superheroes”?

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A would-have been eulogy

I did not know the three young men and woman who passed away in the accident in Aqaba last night, so this is not a eulogy. They were my brother’s classmates though, and they were seventeen. They were supposed to finish highschool this July, they were planning for their prom, applying to universities, and this world just is not a very fair place. So perhaps the right word for this post is condolences, but that doesn’t sound as sincere.

It feels too little to just pass my condolences to the parents, families, and friends of Mahdi Odeh, Raya Shukri, Laith Bustami and Fadi Massoud, but I feel obliged to say something. May their souls be at peace.

Cube Hot Shoe

Via Core77

This game is so insanely hypnotizing i can’t stop playing. It is definitely my favorite all-time flash game. Wow. After finishing all 11 levels, I am in awe at my prize. The secret of the universe.


My grandmother and my aunt, circa 1948. Nablus, Palestine.

Found in Translation


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