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Kalamantina Conversations

Me: Want a kalamantina?

Lina: No thanks, I already have one, look.

Me: But the ones I have are better, they’re so green and sour.

Lina: I don’t like sour fruits.

Me: I don’t like sweet fruits, I feel like they are “Fatekh”

Lina: Fatekh? What’s Fatekh? Ahhh… you mean tafekh.

Me: No, fatekh. Eish tafekh hay.
Ok. Let’s ask around the office.

Lina: Who? Aseel? She can’t speak for shit.

Me: Ok, we’ll ask the internet. Fatekh willa tafekh?






  1. shu mafroud ykun ma3naha? :mal5oom:
    i never heard of both words :???:

  2. Mesh

    As i used to say i think Aseel is Right :P El jom3a el Jay means the one that is coming , but most clearly , if its Wednesday or Thursday one should say ba3ed bokra or bokra , el jom3a el jay means the one that is coming if you say it from SAT-TUE that precede the friday, anyway even if someone said el jom3a el jay when its Thursday you better be sure by asking : bokra ? specially if its a critical thing.

    About Fatekh and Tafekh , i feel from the pronounciaton that Tafekh is more expressive for that situation and more appropriate , Fatekh remindes me of israeli soldiers 3al jeser (yalla khabibi).

    its like when you say “2orneh men 2oran” or ” Shelteh men Shelat” with both means the pieces that froms the Sofa/Couch back side.

    how about this one : (IF in english) : Balki ? or Barki ? , i say Barki :$

  3. Mesh

    sholli IF yen3an tasteel i ment “MAYBE” = balki or barki ?

  4. Rami

    I love green and sour fruits, sweet fruits are fatkha

  5. H

    never heard of both words :S

  6. It’s Fatekh, not Tafekh!!

  7. Comment Leaver

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has never heard of these two words before! What do they mean?!

  8. Noura

    Never heard of both words!! To add to your list “Matakeh” or “Makateh”? “kut” ot “Tuk” ?!

  9. Basem

    hehhe crap !!! i bet we are -and by we are i mean (Dallal’s)- the only ones who use these wired complicated meaningless mostala7at ,, the question is was he a NabOlsi the guy who came up with the mostala7 ?! 0-o

  10. If you find out update please!

  11. this is your 2nd record for winning an Arabic challenge Ruba!
    (remember the “Allaty/Allawaaty”?) – I think it’s Fatekh…

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