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So are you telling me, that CNN, CNN!, did that?

I’ve always dreamt of the day when holograms become this real.

So how exactly did they manage to conduct these holographic interviews? With over forty-four HD cameras and twenty computers. Gizmodo has the details

Dude, that is really cool.


And the whole world celebrates…


Real-Life Photoshop


  1. Finally, now I want a light saber!

  2. Mesh

    20 Computers ? that is SO MUCH Processing power !

  3. i hate to burst your bubble .. but CNN didn’t really do holograms … the images were available on the monitor but the presenters in the studios did not actually see them (which makes it not a hologram).

    However, if you are interested, Cisco made a successful demo of hologram technology about a year ago.

  4. adam

    thut u r talking about jtv not cnn!!!!

  5. Check this out :

    Musion Systems is someone who does this technolgy

  6. Awesome, this is a revolution in media field

  7. This again proves how news is becoming more of entertainment than actually giving news. Who cares if that woman appears as if she’s actually in studio.

    I still give it to CNN for that million-dollar electronic map that John King has been using since the primaries, that one was really useful

  8. bashar

    but why? it looks really stupid!

  9. This is not hologram, since the anchor cannot see the reporter (Yellin) in front of him, he can only see her on the screen.

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