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On September

September is gone, and for the first time in years, the local saying “September’s tail is wet” actually worked.

September (as well as the first of October) also marked my three brothers’ birthdays- Hisham, Omar, and Gus- so happy birthday kiddos. It was also Musa’s brother’s birthday, so happy birthday to you too!

As you can see from these pictures, it was a cozy month, with a lot of family vibes. Which is great, when you have a family as wonderful as mine :)












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Beautiful Schism


3:35 PM Coffee Pangs


  1. nt

    anyone knows how to access flickr from the UAE ? :( i can’t see anything !

  2. Bardees

    hey Roba , where was the pic before the last taken? I liked the books in the background!!
    Isn’t it supposed to be In september not On ?

    Happy Eid

  3. Ziad d

    May you and your family enjoy a hundred more Septembers together all year round Roba!

  4. Bardees, it’s actually Rabetat Al Kotab, which is in Shmesani. They have a little cafe there, it’s a pretty nice place.

  5. that cafe sure looks cozy! and your family looks like a bunch of really fun people! you’re so lucky (:

  6. I was about to ask the same question Bardees asked. Looks really nice :)

    I always love September!

  7. kay

    We need an insightful post on the joyfulness (my anti spam word btw) of marriage , the ups and downs , the things people dont tell you before you.

    I like your post its picture, office or house window?

  8. Sami

    Gus’s birthday is in october roba :P atleast I thought it was…lol

    eid mubarak btw :)

  9. Bardees

    Thanks Roba, I’ll definitely be checking it out soon ;)

  10. Gus

    Sami, it is! My birthday is on the the 1st of October.
    Screw September, October is the way to go. =o

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